Saturday, August 27, 2011

Android honeycomb media player - Hive Player

Hive Player is a Android music player optimized for Xoom tablet. With Hive Player, you can scrollable widget with music collection navigation, multi-Select playlist additions, filter duplicates, Search with playlist additions, notification controls with album artwork and etc.

The app is much better than the stock music player. The powerful home screen widget is the coolest feature. The widget works but only allows browsing to albums and artists on Xoom, but it doesn't support Google music.

Download Hive Player ($1.99) from Market.

How to make phone calls on Xoom

Some people buy a Motorola Xoom and think about using it as an actual phone. If the Xoom has the option, they would love it to simply replace the phone. But can the Xoom tablet make a Phone call?

You can use Skype, Google talk app to place Voice calls via the Internet, but the Xoom isn't designed to be an actual phone yet. In fact, in Europe the Galaxy Tab had the ability to make calls on Xoom, but the US Carrier restrictions prevent it here.

Download photos from camera to Xoom

I have the Xoom Wi-Fi only version and I have snapped some photos by using Canon camera. I want to download the photos from camera to my Xoom tablet for sharing them with my friends. How can I do that?

You can use the official camera adapter kit for Motorola Xoom. The kit consists of a proprietary cable that has a micro USB connector. You can conveniently transfer pictures from your compatible cameras right to the Motorola Xoom, even the large amounts of photos.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Xoom not turning on & stuck at Black Screen

Today when I wake up, my Motorola Xoom won't turn on and stucks at a black screen. It was plugged in night. The notification LED was also flashing. Why does the tablet not respond? How to fix the issue? Can any body help me?

Just pressing the volume button all the way up and the on button at the same time. That worked. Your Xoom will turn back on.

Business Calendar

Business Calendar is a android calendar app that is synchronising with your Google calendars, support smooth scroll- and zoomable multi-day view. It's best Calendar app to date.

I have used Business Calendar over the stock calendar on my Xoom. It does tie all of my sync'd accounts, including two Gmail and one Exchange. Adding an event is much quicker than the default calendar app.

Download Business Calendar ($5.73) from Market.

Xoom calendar widget not updating

My calendar widget does not update automatically on my Xoom after 3.1 update. There are a standard widget and a resized widget both on my home screen. They are always stuck on yesterday's date and events at the top. I try doing hard reset, still not working. How can I fix the issues?

When I delete the resized widget on heom screen, the standard sized widget changes to today's date. The problem seems to be with resized calendar widget.

Activate 3G on WiFi Only Xoom

I have got the WiFi-Only Motorola Xoom tablet and bought a Verizon 3G SIM card. I find a guide for getting 3G Xoom to work on another carrier, so can I activate 3G on my WiFi-Only Xoom? How to add the Verizon 3G SIM card to activate?

You can't activate 3G mobile data on the WiFi Only Xoom. It's impossible. The hardware are different between the 3G version and the WiFi version. The WiFi only version Xoom doesn't have the hardware required to connect to any carrier networks.

Create folders & widgets on Xoom with Folder Organizer

Folder Organizer is a android app that help you organize apps, bookmarks, contacts and shortcuts on your Motorola Xoom tablet. With the app, you are able to group items by labels, and create fully customizable folders and widgets.

Folder Organizer has many features, such as change folder icon, sort folder items and put items in notification bar. It works great on Xoom, and makes everything organized, so I can find what I am looking for quickly.

Download Folder Organizer ($1.42) from Market.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to view available and used RAM on Xoom

If you want To view available and used RAM on your Xoom tablet(Note: The Xoom also uses RAM to run the Honeycomb OS.), try the following step by step:

1. On the Home Screen, tap Apps > Settings.
2. Scroll down the screen and tap Manage Applications > Running.
3. Under RAM option, you can find the available and used RAM.

Videos not loading on the Xoom stock browser

When I use the stock browser to watch flash videos on websites, the video isn't loading on the webpage. I don't know how to get these to work. My Xoom tablet has installed the Flash.

To fix the browser issue, uninstall Flash and try installing the latest Flash version from the Market. If that's still not working, you need to switch the flash pages from mobile mode to desktop mode for playing the flash videos.

How to set default browser on Motorola Xoom

I had used Opera on my Xoom tablet for 6 days. The Opera app is more faster and safer than the stock browser. I really like it and want to set it as my default browser.

To reset Opera as defaullt browser on Xoom, tap Settings > Manage All Apps > select browser > Clear defaults. Then open Opera app and click set as default. It will bring a popup window to let you choose the browser you want to use, choose Opera.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to Delete Xoom Widget

I have accidently created a widget on my Xoom tablet. Now I want to delete the widget without deleting the app. How can I do that?

It is easy to do. just pressing on the widget for 6 seconds, then drag it to the upper right corner where it is saying remove.

Friday, August 19, 2011

TouchDown HD for Tablets -Xoom app

TouchDown HD for Tablets is an android app that syncs emails, contacts, calendar and tasks from your corporate Exchange server on your Xoom tablet. The app gives you a single tabbed view.

Although the Xoom tablet has built-in email and gmail clients, TouchDown HD is what I use for my corporate mail. The app proxies Exchange PIN and remote wipe enforcement to it. A stock Honeycomb app works very well.

Download TouchDown HD for Tablets (Free) from Market.

Bookmark widget not working on Xoom

After my Xoom us model had updated from 3.1 to 3.2, the bookmark widget always be not working and unresponsive. When I touch a page, the screen will dim. I have to restart the tablet and every once the issue will happen.

That is a common bug on Xoom 3.2. If the screen goes dim, just change the orientation for fixing it. The Bookmark widget will be responsive.

Accessing network drive from Xoom

I am looking for an app that enable me to access network drive from Xoom tablet over WiFi. Is that possible to access my network drive with Xoom?

You can use ES File Explorer or File Manager HD that both have LAN access. The apps are able to access file & folders on my WHS computer without issue. And I use File Manager HD to view my Mac's shared folders using SMB and worked great.

Xoom stock browser download unsuccessful

Every time I try to download a file, the Xoom stock Browser gets the full 100% and then display "Download unsuccessful." error. I have to retry 3 times and it complete successfully. How to fix the Browser downloads fail issue?

The stock browser has issues about downloading files. You can wipe cache in browser settings. Or switch to dolphin app that works great.

How to use android phone as keyboard for Xoom

Is there an android application that you can use an android phone as keyboard for the Xoom tablet?

Berserker's BlueputDroid allow you to use your device as a remote mouse and keyboard. I have used the app to use my droid 1 as a keyboard for my xoom. It does work.

Turn off Xoom systen updates 3.2

When I turn the Xoom wifi only running 3.1, the system update 3.2 will be available. I don't want to accept the update and that's annoying. How to disable system update notification on Xoom permanently?

You can't do this unless you are rooted. Under cache, deleted zip off of the end of the updates. Then reboot and it will be gone.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Xoom notification bar missing

Today I notes that the notification bar is missing at the bottom right of my screen and has disappeared. This status bar shows battery life and wifi signal strength. Where would the bar go?

You can reboot the Xoom tablet and the notification bar will come back again . Rebooting will fix the issues. Worked for me.

Xoom SD card got stuck

When I inserted SD card into my Xoom tablet, there is flastic card already inserted in it. Then plastic card came up. The SD card got stuck in the space between the screen and the sd slot.

The large Xoom tablets just have micro SD slots, so users always makes mistakes about that. You can carefully take it out with tweezers.

No sound when connect Xoom to TV using hdmi

I connects my Xoom tablet to my HD TV using a Micro HDMI. After I plug Xoom in the TV, I have no sound coming out of the tablet, such as a movie app, stock music player. The images are fine do. The sound comes back if I unplug the cable.

You can try this temp fix. Taking a 3.5mm audio cable and plug it into the head phone jack of the Xoom and the other end into the headphone jack of the TV. Works for me.

Yahoo videos wont play on Xoom

My Xoom tablet has been installed the new flash version. When I try to play Yahoo news videos on Xoom, it shows the picture of the news story and a vertical line with "?" in the middle of the video. The yahoo videos won't play.

The Yahoo videos uses microsoft silverlight that honeycomb doesn't support, so you aren't able to view them.

How to fix Xoom random keystrokes

My Verizon Xoom's erratic touchscreen is erratic. When I click off the screen and click it on again but then Xoom just starts randomly pressing buttons by itself and opening apps. After restarted it or done a factory reset, that worked fine. The issues come back at some point and happened to me 5 times in 1 month. Do you have a solution?

I think it is a faulty hardware with Honeycomb itself. You'd better to return Xoom to Verizon and have a replacement.

Change notification bar button colours on Xoom

I want to change the notification bar button colours on my Xoom without rooting, including switch open applications, back, clock. How can I do that?

Rooting the Xoom is the only way. You should be able to overwrite SystemUI.apk in /system/app or write an app to do it. I don't find a app can do it since now.

Volume Widget for Xoom tablet

Volume Widget is a android widget that can adjust any volume type from your home screen quickly. It is clean, simple and works great on Xoom. Xoom volume buttons are little are small and sometimes hard to get to, so this widget is very handy.

The Volume Widget has the following features:
1. Quick up/down volume adjust buttons.
2. 1x1, 2x1 and 4x1 widget sizes.
3. Controls all volume types.

Download Volume Widget (Free) from Market.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wifi file transfer from NAS to Xoom

I need to transfer files from a NAS to the Xoom over WiFi without connecting USB to PC. Is there any Wifi file transfer app that can help me?

You can try using the following Xoom apps:
1. WebSharing app creates an internal http link for you to access your Xoom.
2. ES file explorer with the LAN tab automatically detect your NAS.
3. File Manager HD can access shared folders that use SMB on your subnet.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Facebook video calling on Xoom

Facebook Launches Skype-Powered Video Calling on their social network. Is there a Xoom browser supporting Facebook Video Calling?

I think you couldn't do that, because it requires that you install a plugin to get started and the plugin doesn't work on Xoom.

Xoom bluetooth headphones for music

I am lookingg for the Xoom bluetooth headphones for music or audio. Here are some Xoom accessories for streaming music over bluetooth and they work great. Make sure the specs of yours supoprts A2DP.

Motorola HT820 bluetooth headsets
Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth MOTOROKR/MOTOACTIV Stereo Headset
Plantronics BackBeat903 BT headphones
BT Rocketfish head phones
Altec Lansing BackBeat 903 Bluetooth Stereo Headset with Dual-Mic Technology
Freedom Bluetooth Headphones

Connect external hdd to Xoom USb port

How can I connect the device, such as usb sticks, external hdd or standard sized sd cards, to the usb port on my Xoom tablet?

You are able connect my Canon 40D using the Motorola camera usb cable without rooting. That works flawlessly. You can also use the Motorola Camera kit plus by rooted.

Xoom system crash after rooting

After rooted xoom 3.2, the system seems to crash. When opening The gallery app, it is often crashing and then power cycle. I have got this issue before rooting.

Tap menu > settings > applications >manage applications > all> gallery, clear the cache and date and then reboot. If not working, you can try the Quick Pic app. That working great for me.

TubeMate - Download youtube videos on Xoom

I am using a WiFi Xoom. How can I download youtube videos on Xoom and then watch later without streaming?

TubeMate! YouTube Downloader app is the fastest and most famous YouTube downloader for android. It can extracts YouTube videos into stand alone files and save them to your Xoom device. Multiple download resolution options, resume downloading and even also convert to mp3 format.

Download TubeMate! YouTube Downloader from Market.

Youtube hd videos on Xoom

I can't playing Youtube HD smoothly on my Xoom installed the flash 10.2. When I open the main pc version youtube site, I couldn't select quality (240,480,720,1080).

If you have a youtube account, you can set the default from 240p to to the 1080p on your computer. Then you can watch 1080p video in the youtube app on your Xoom.

How to disable Pop Up blocker on Motorola Xoom

I want to change the settings on the Pop Up blocker on my Xoom, but couldn't find it. How can I disable Pop Up blocker? I am not rooted.

Open stock browser, tap settings in the top right corner and tap advance, then scroll down and uncheck the Pop Up blocker box.

Cannot empty email trash folder on Xoom

In the stock email app, you have to select the emails individually and then hitting delete for deleting them. There are about 500 emails within the trash folder on Xoom and I need to delete them. Is that a way to empty trash folder in email?

The email app doesn't have the option to "empty trash", so you can't clear trash folder or spam folder on Xoom email app.

How to Specify Xoom download folder

When I download pictures, movies on my Xoom tablet, How can I choose a specific folder for that to go to?

All downloads go to the "Downloads" directory. It seems that you can't specify download folder for saving a picture/movie when browsing, but you can use Astro to move it to another directory.

Bluetooth to answer call on Xoom

Is there a app that help me bluetooth pair my Xoom to my phone, and answer a call, Talk and Hear through the Xoom? I just wan to transformer phone calls bluetooth, so I don't have to look for my phone. How can I do that?

I am not sure if you can answer call on Xoom. But with the SyncSMS app in the market, you are able to get your phones text messages on your Xoom tablet. That works great.

Xoom apps won't install

My Xoom tablet has over 1GB of free memory left, but when I tried to install apps or updates, such as File Manager HD or Google maps update,it won't install. After rebooting the tablet, i have the same issue again.

The required minimum available internal storage space on Xoom is around 3GB. I find that a couple of movies is 3G of space. After I free up them, every thing is working now.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to connect Xoom to ethernet

I am working at a location that has wired internet access without WiFi. How to connect my Xoom WiFi to the ethernet? A Apple Airport Express is over there.

You can connect your Motorola Xoom to the airport express via WiFi, and then connect the airport to the wired router using an ethernet cable.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Record and watch video at same time on Xoom

I want to record video with camera while watching my YouTube videos stored on your Xoom at the same time. Should I need record video app and others? How can I do that?

I think that's not working on the Xoom. When you run app and hava the camera recording at same time, the app will close or the camera stops working.

Webcam problems with motorola Xoom

My Xoom WiFi only has got a video chat problem. When having video chatting from the front facing camera or rear shows up to other people, the video is moving off screen by turning and wobbling.

How to fix the camera issue
There is a little scalier on top of your video box that's on the bottom right. And it has a "Hand" on the left and a "shaky Hand" on the right. You need to set the video feed to Hand.

How to move apps to sd card on Xoom

I am using an Xoom tablet running Honeycomb 3.2 and have install lots of apps installed from the market. Can I move apps installed in the tablet to sd card on Xoom?

The micro SD card slot is just for additional storage, so you aren't ablt to transfer the apps to the micro SD card.

Google 3d Maps on Xoom

Is there a 3D verison of google maps on the Xoom tablet?

Yes. Open Google Maps in map view, go to a city and zoom in till you see the 3D buildings. But it's only in major citites, such as San Francisco. I think Google will eventually make it for all cities.

Xoom microphone location

I just got a Xoom and was wondering this question. Where the microphone is located on Xoom tablet?

The microphone is on the bottom to the right of the bottom ports.

Disable in app purchases android Xoom

I have got a android Xoom tablet to my 10 year old son for playing games. I just want to disable app purchases in games. How to disable this feature?

In your account settings, go to Checkout > Payment options. And get a visa gift cards and put it on there as the payment option. Then make it your default payment option.

How to play movies on Xoom from sd card

After updating Xoom from 3.1 to 3.2, I transferred some video's to the SD card, but the Gallery and MoboPlayer won't play the movies. video won't play off sd card in \sdcard.

Using Gallery, browse to /mnt/external1 and then tap on the movie to play it. If doesn't work, try turning the Xoom to portrait, then back to landscape.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cannot delete files from Xoom gallery app

I have transfered pictures from my PC into the Xoom Gallery app via USB cable. When I choose a photo and delete it, the picture immediately dissapears from the gallery list. After rebooted the Xoom, the deleted photo appears again.

If you have that hooked to your gmail account, or set up Dropbox or Picasa on your account, those pictures will be synced and re-shown on your device. You can try the QuickPic app for deleting photos without this issue.

Moboplayer too dark on Xoom

There are some mp4 files on my Xoom tablet. When I actually play the video using Moboplayer, the screen just goes dark. It's too dark to watch.

If you have the same isssue, go to the setting and adjust your brightness. Then you are able to watch the video with normal brightness levels.

All downloads Fail after Xoom 3.2 update

My Xoom had updated to 3.2 yesterday. When I try to download apps in the Android market, all downloads get to 2/3s and then fail.

My friend has a xoom tablet runing 3.1 with no issue. The 3.2 version is really pain. I think I should downgrade Xoom from 3.2 to 3.1 or 3.01.

How to mount camera to Xoom

I havea Cannon Digital Rebel XTi SLR that supports PTP transfers. I want to transfer store pictures from my digital camera to my android tablet. How can I mount my camera to Xoom?

How to mount camera to Xoom
Just plug in OTG cable to Xoom, and connect camera's cable to OTG cable. Then open Gallery or Quickpic, and it will ask whether you want to transfer files.

Non APN settings on rooted Xoom 3G

I have a verizon Xoom tablet 3g version. After rooting it, I can't find the APN settings for entering my network name (APN).

In the Mobile network settings, there are just data enabled, data roaming, system select, and activate device, not APN tab. How to fix the issue. Any suggestions?

Unrooted Xoom on 3.2 not connect to iPhone via bluetooth

My jailbroken iPhone 3gs runs iOS 4.3.3 and I have downloaded miwi and tethered my Wifi Xoom through bluetooth. That works fine.

After install the 3.2 update, tethering works flawlessly at first time, but upon disconnection. The iPhone just says "not connected" and the Xoom try to connect and then unconnect. Try having upaired both devices, still not working.

My friend also have this exact same issue. Now I have to reboot my Xoom every time to re-tether.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Android market download folder on Xoom

I have downloaded appsfrom the Android market. Where does the .apk fiel save to in the Xoom folder?

The .apk should be in a system folder, such as /system/app or /data/app or /sdcard/.

Dropbox not working on Xoom 3.2

After my Xoom wifi only version have installed the 3.2 update, Dropbox is not working now. When I open the Dropbox app and download my files, the screen goes dims and it stops working.

You should install a small update released by Dropbox. Try changing the orientation of your Xoom when the screen darker. That can fix the issue.

Xoom notification area disappears

The notification area on Xoom often disappears, so I can't find thekeyboard icon along with other notifications over there. But when I receive an email, this area will appear again. I have tried switching notification area on and off in the setting, but still can't fix it.

This is not a Xoom issue. It disappears when some apps launch, even you are on Home Screen.

Verizon Signal Getting Worse on Xoom

I had manually updated my Xoom, but the Verizon signal on my Xoom is getting worse. My Android phone does get strong signal. How can I update my roaming capabilities on the Xoom?

You need to use the "Activate" feature to update your roaming capabilities. Tap Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks, and select "Activate". Done that at least every 2 months.

Portable Backup Battery Charger for Xoom

I have been searching a portable battery backup power source for my Motorola Xoom tablet, and find some battery packs with multiple pins for different devices. But I'm not sure if they are suitable for the Xoom. Can any body give some suggestions?

You can purchase the tip NB11 for Xoom. The tip is designed for the XP8000 model and for 12V devices. It looks exactly the same as the 8000.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Android WMV player for Xoom

There are some WMV videos on my Motorola Xoom tablet, but I can't watch them. Should I need a WMV player for Xoom.

WMV files are proprietary Windows files. They are not currently compatible with the Android. You have to use some video converter to convert your WMV files to mp4/mkv format.

Can I connect WiFi Xoom to a verizon hotspot

I have a adroid phone. Can I connect my WiFi Xoom to a verizon hotspot? Should I plug my xoom up to it using a micro to micro cable?

Most of the newer HTC phones have a built-in wifi hotspot. As a hotspot, my HTC Desire-Z connects to my Xoom without any issues.

The iPhone 4 has the personal hotspot feature. My verizon iPhone 4's personal hotspot with Xoom using 3.01 works fine.

How to mount usb thumb drive on Xoom honeycomb 3.2

I now have a Xoom honeycomb 3.2 and an working OTG cable. After inserting a USB stick that is 1GB FAT formatted, I find that SD Card mounted as /mnt/external1/ but the folder is empty. How to mount a usb thumb drive on Xoom tablet?

To get USB mass storage capability, The only way is root. Then you can file manager called root explorer for accessing these directories on your Xoom device. Without custom kernel or root, you can't also access FAT formatted USB drive using a OTG cable.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Xoom printing app - Cloud Print BETA

With the Cloud Print Beta app, you are able to print files from your Xoom tablet to your printer. The app support for file types: pdf,jpg,jpeg,docx,ods,xls,xlsx,ppt,odp,txt,doc,xps

To get started printing, first connect to the internet through a laptop or PC . If you have a HP E-Print enabled printer, you don't need a computer. I tried Cloud Print BETA a few weeks ago and it worked quite well.

Download Cloud Print BETA (Free) from Android Market.

Xoom cannot obtain ip address

I could connect the Motorola Xoom tablet to my Belkin router and wifi works fine. Then around the time Froyo came out, Xoom cannot obtain ip address from my Belkin route.

I have changed all the security settings in my router and rooted all devices, but Xoom just says "scanning" then "Obtaining IP address of my router" and then disconnects.

Try the following steps for fixing the issue
1. Make sure you have no settings from prior to Froyo.
2. Restore your router to default and try again
3. Clear cache on the tablet.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Run Android Apps in Full Screen on Xoom

Most of the Android Apps available in the market were written to be used on the small screens of the Phone, but them may not fit the Xoom's larger screen.

Spare Parts is a Android app that allows you to enable some hidden settings on the Xoom. To resize apps in fullscreen mode on the Xoom, open the application, scroll down, disable Compatibility and then reboot the tablet.

Xoom transfer files to Ubuntu

Yesterday I got my WiFi Xoom tablet. I want to transfer files, but just have a computer running LInux, without Windows.

I get wifi file explorer and run it. The app gives me the IP and port I need to connect in the browser, however the browser isn't working.

Now I can't find a way to get Xoom to mount in Ubuntu. Is that an ftp client app for Xoom so I can transfer files directly from it?

Movies available in Android Market

After the 3.1 update, the movies are now available in the Android Market. You are able to purchase movie rental via your Xoom tablet running Android 3.1,.

You have 30 days to watch the movie. But once you press play, you have 24 hours to complete watching. And I find that there are lots of new and different tittles available in HD.

Xoom browser slow loading

My Motorola Xoom browser is slow loading, but Tapatalk and pulse apps using the network are working quickly.

If your Xoom browser has got the issues, go to settings > apps > manage apps > all and wipe the cache. Then try a reboot.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ad-hoc on Xoom without rooting

Is it possible to get Ad-hoc WiFi woking on Xoom without rooting.

It is impossible without root. If you want the ad-Hoc connection, you still need root to push to system.

Wyse PocketCloud RDP/VNC for Xoom

PocketCloud is a android app that enables remote access from Xoom to Windows or Mac desktops over WiFi and 3G/4G networks.

PocketCloud usethe RDP or VNC protocols and you can remotely
access any file and run any application on your computers. It works fine on my Xoom tablet, but it can't get any file from computer as FTP.

Download Wyse PocketCloud RDP/VNC from Android Market.

ActiveX for motorola xoom on remote web workplace

When I tried to log into my computer remotely with my motorola Xoom tablet using IE, Internet explorer said I needed activex controls? How can I getthe Xoom to run ActiveX?

ActiveX controls are purpose-built programs designed to run natively within a container, like Internet Explorer, on Windows computers. VPN & RDP rather better than activeX. The xoom has a built-in VPN and RDP is available to you.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Starting Fastboot Protocol Support on WiFi Xoom

I just rooted my Xoom tablet yesterday . I downloaded the one-click root files and had the Xoom in USB debugging mode. After a very tense few minutes, WiFi Xoom is stuck in the Dual Core screen with "Starting Fastboot protocol support".

When I finally looked at my PC screen, I saw that I needed to click "next." It's a pretty foolproof process.

Xoom Camera error Cannot connect to camera

I have a Xoom tablet, not rooted. The front-facing camera is working fine. But when I switch the Camera, Xoom display error message "Camera error Cannot connect to camera."

To fix the Camera issue, just doing a soft reset by pressing the power and volume up buttons at the same time for about 6 seconds. The Camera will work fine again.

Zinio magazine reader for Xoom

Zinio E-Magazine Reader is an Android app that transforms your favorite print magazines into digital format. You need to install all 3 APK and no Root required.

I got it to work on my Xoom and use the reader hub app to launch zinio. Now the zinio preview shows the entire page, and allows work in landscape, but crashes often in landscape.

Downlaod Zinio E-Magazine Reader here.

How to turn off Xoom notification light

Whenever I get an email, the light is extremely bright on my Xoom tablet. How to disable Xoom notification light?

It seems that you can't. But you can turn the notification sounds off and the light will still flash. Just select the clock on bottom right and tap Notifications box.

Xoom apps won't update and install

I have a Xoom 3G unlocked. Today when I download a app, the installtion is always "unsuccessful." And the xoom apps won't update. I have try rebooting, clearing data and caches related to the Android market, I still get the issues.

1. Make sure your Xoom has enough free space.
2. If the Android Market is flaky at best right now, you have to hold tight for a while.

Google voice search without internet access on Xoom

When my Xoom tablet has no internet connection, the google voice search keeps saying " connection problem" and won't woking. How can I use the voice search if the Internet is off?

The Google voice only works with the internet on Xoom, because the feature is not locally stored.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to hide pictures/videos on Xoom

I can hide photos and videos from the gallery on my Droid Incredible by taking them in a folder like ".foldername". How can I hide photos and videos on my Xoom tablet?

To hide pictures/videos file on Xoom, you can creat a file called .nomedia and placed it in the folder you would like hidden from the "gallery.". You can also use "file expert" app. It offers the "Hide pics for media detection" options for creating the ".nomedia" file on Xoom.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Search for images on Xoom

"Bing Image Search" is an Android application used to search for images. If you want to make search for images on your Xoom tablet, I would suggest you it.

Bing Image Search using the Bing 2.0 engine, is useful while searching for images. You are able to find the images you want on your Xoom, including Color: Black & White, Size: Large, Medium, Small. It 's fun finding great pictures on the Web and downloading special ones. Then set the images as your tablet wallpaper. Works fantastic.

Download Bing Image Search on Android market.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Does XOOM support HDCP via HDMI

I had got a Motorola Xoom tablet. HDCP allows you to share HD videos to televisions. Does the Xoom support HDCP via HDMI?

No, the XOOM doesn't support this feature at launch. A future software upgrade will enable this device to support HDCP via HDMI.

Volume control app for Motorola Xoom

If you are complaining about the volume control on the Xoom, try Audio Manager Pro. With the app, you are able to control your volume through that app. It doesn't mess with the volume bars on the side of your Xoom.

I have been using Audio Manager Pro on my Xoom for a long time. It's easy way to manage all of your sound settings. I don't have much trouble with the volume buttons, just click it once and control the rest on the screen.

How to sync chrome bookmarks to Motorola Xoom

How can I import bookmarks into the Google browser Chrome on my motorola xoom tablet.

1. On your computer, open the chrome browser, and click on the settings > Bookmark Manager > Organize > Import Bookmarks. From there select and upload your .html bookmark file.
2. On your Xoom tablet, launch your browser and select the configuration > Settings > General > Sync with Google Chrome.

Now all your bookmarks will be sync between computer and your Xoom.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stupid Zombies on Xoom

Stupid Zombies is a very fun game my kids will not quit bugging me to play it on my Xoom tablet. In the game, there are lots of stupid zombies. You are humanity who have to use one shotgun to beat stupid zombies.

It's very similar to angry birds, but with a different twist and harder levels. Pretty physics game. But I was bored after level 28.

Download Stupid Zombies (Free) from Android Market.

Free calendar widget for Motorola Xoom

Simple Calendar Widget is analog of standard calendar widget, with updated look to match style of "SiMi Clock" widget.

The Widget has clean look with a lot of customizations. It supports lots of configuration options, including different skins, Font and background customization, choose which calendars to show. Awesome calendar. So simple and streamlined.. Perfect.

Download Simple Calendar Widget from Android Market.

How to Watch Hulu, Netflix on Xoom

Splashtop Remote Desktop is a android app that brings your computer to your Xoom tablet, featuring full video and audio support. The app needs a PC and looks like Play-ON but there are NO monthly charges after purchasing it.

I am using it to watch Hulu, Netflix and movies on my Xoom. The streaming quality of netflix is smooth and impressive. Splashtop seems to only work for local networks.

Download Splashtop Remote Desktop from Android market.

How to Sync Xoom tablet to PC/Laptop

Websharing File/Media Sync is a great app allows you to sync the Xoom with your PC or laptop, and establish your Xoom as a file/media server on wireless network.

With the WebDAV Server feature, you can access your Xoom from your PC's browser. I often transfers files, music, photos, and videos over Wi-Fi between my Xoom tablet and computer. My document fully synchronized between my Xoom and XP Laptop. Useful for browsing and file transfer.

Download Websharing File/Media Sync ($2.99) from Android market.

How to add album art to music in Motorola Xoom

Windows Media Player (WMP) is a great application and works great for syncing to the Android platform. If you want to add album art you've added to your native Xoom music player, try the following steps:

1. Use Windows Media Player to add music to the "Library" with the list of songs from your artist, then browse to the album that misses art.
2. Find a picture that you want to use for album art by using Windows Explorer. And copy it to your library. The copy of the picture is embedded into each of the songs from the album.
3. Drag files from your library to the "Sync" tab, then sync songs to your Xoom tablet.

Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Block Flash Ads in Stock Browser on Xoom

Is there any way to block ads in the stock browser on my Xoom tablet? Such as flash ads and pop up ads.

In stock Browser, Go to setting > advanced > enable plug ins, and you have a few options. You can set it to shut down all together.

You can also root the Xoom tablet and install AdFree from the Market. The app works for me as well.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Canot turn Xoom on after powered it off

My Xoom tablet worked perfectly up. After I charged it fully, I tried to turn it back on but nothing happen. The tablet is not working.

To fix this issue, try holding the up volume and the power button on Xoom at the same time.

Xoom wont connect to WiFi network issue

I have used a US Robotics USR8054 WiFi router as an access point. My android phone connects no problem, but my Xoom will not connect. The tablet simply cycles "scanning..." then just stuck at "connecting..." screen.

How to fix the WiFI issues with Xoom
1. Update your router's firmware to the latest version
2. Reboot your router. Hold the up volume and push the power until the Xoom reboots.
3. If the router uses WEP, disable WEP, re-enable WEP/WPA-PSK and then reconnect with your Xoom.

Does pandora app work on Xoom

Does pandora app work on Xoom tablet?

I recently got the Xoom WiFi tablet and did download the Pandora app, but it crashes all the time. I removed it and installed the app again, but no luck. My friend has the Xoom 3G and pandora does work without any problems. Staff at pandora says they are working on fixing it for Honeycomb as well. Hope the issue gets fixed.

Exchange 2010 Error on Motorola Xoom

When I tried to setup my email on Exchange 2010, I received an error "Setup could not finish. Username or password incorrect." But my username and password were correct.

If the Exchange Server group does not have the appropriate permission to the mailbox object in Active Directory, you will get this issue.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Android tablet app for turning on and off Xoom

Is there an Xoom Android tablet app for turning the screen on and off?

Yes. Screen Off and Lock is a Android app that let you turn off screen and lock device without touching power button. This tools allows you to switch off and lock screen by 1 click with screen off animation and sound effects. But it isn't a widget. I am unsure how to get back to the options page, but at least it does what i want it to.

Download Screen Off and Lock from android market.

How to fit size for apps on Xoom android tablet

I just got the Motorola Xoom tablet and then installed some apps I get from the android market. But the app display in the size set for an android phone. Apps were too small. How can I make the app stretch to fit my Xoom tablet screen?

Download spare parts app from the market and disable compatibility mode. Then reboot. The apps will go full screen.

Does motorola Xoom have gps

Does Motorola Xoom tablet have gps?

My xoom gps works fine. I used it this morning driving to work. It is more accurate than the Garmin Nuvi I have in the car.

Gps with cell turned off works fine. It wasn't slow to locate even when I was inside my house. It even new I was in the living room on Google maps.

Xoom file manager

I have a Xoom tablet and want to setup folders on the Xoom. But I can't find a "file manager" on the Xoom. Where is file manager on the device?

You can try using Astro File Manager on the Xoom. The app has many features, including Download any file with browser, Browse, create, extract zip files, Back up and restore.

Stock Alert Tablet Edition - Xoom tablet app

Stock Alert - Tablet Edition is a android tablet app that has real time quotes from stock exchanges around the world. You can set price alerts from currencies to commodities.

I have been using Stock Alert for the phone. This Tablet specific version is amazing. This has to be in the Top 10 Apps for the Android Tablet. It gives current news for a stock, charting of the stock's activity for the day.

Download Stock Alert - Tablet Edition from Android market.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sync itunes playlist and music to Xoom

I need to sync my iTunes playlists and music with my motorola xoom. I have tried doubletwist, winamp and Salling Media sync. doubletwist app can wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists, photos and videos with your Android phone using Wi-Fi network. But none of them will bring over the playlist and the playlist itself does not get transfered.

Anybody can transfer music and playlist form itunes to Xoom?

Stream music from Xoom tablet

I am looking for an app that allows you to stream music to a Airport express. Is there any way you can stream music from xoom tablet?

Audiogalaxy Music Android app is new cloud music player stream your music and playlists from your computer (Mac and Windows) to your Android. With Audiogalaxy, you are able to stream music from your Mac to your Xoom, like a media server system. That's fantastic.

New twitter app for motorola Xoom

Just in app is a 3D Twitter stream reader. Quickest access to your time line. Push delivery. It's optimized for mobie use with one-hand operation and gives your tweets a 3d effect.

This new twitter app looks really nice and works very fast and smooth on the Xoom tablet.

Download Just in... from Android market.

How do you delete all mail from trash on Xoom

In the stock email apps on Xoom tablet, I can't find athe way to delete all of the emails within the trash folder other than selecting them all individually and then hitting delete. There are moe than 600 emails on the trash folder. How do you empty trash on a motorola Xoom?

I can choose the option "empty trash" on the trash folder. But I can't find such a basic option on Xoom? Why I can't clear trash folder or spam folder on Xoom device?

Verizon Xoom stopped working and Unresponsive

When I used the browser on my Verizon Xoom, websites would not load. The progress bar went about half-way across the screen and stopped, then completely froze up.

The Xoom tablet stopped working and unresponsive. Pressing the home button but nothing responded. The battery was at around 85% last.

To fix the issue, Pressing down the power and the volume up button for 3 seconds and it will "Hard Boot" the Xoom tablet. Works for me.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Xoom camera scenes not working

When I tried the coupling scene in the Xoom camera, it seems to work fine. I could take my pictures, but didn't find the saved picture. After the camera switched to play-mode, Xoom just showed the previous picture.

Then I installed the astro file manager and found the taken pictures, including coupling, comic and panorama, are stored in the folder: /sdcard/sd/DCIM/Camera/. The pictures can be viewed in gallery and astro viewer.

Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

Flash doesn't recognize Xoom Front/Rear Camera

On my Motorola Xoom tablet, when I accessed a web video chat site, adobe flash doesn't recognize built in camera (Front and Rear). I didn't get the familiar adobe flash player settings dialog that asks me if I want to allow the website to access my camera and microphone. Flash won't allow me to send video. But the camera worked fine with the camera app.

I tried snapping a photo within Facebook and also a video and the camera couldn't be found.

This is a Xoom issue. The camera on Xoom may not be working via web sites. Adobe responded that "Microphone and Camera API's are not currently supported on Android Platform." Developers plan to add support when they are able to access these devices through the browser API.

Xoom camera photo has large swathes of green

After I took photo by Xoom camera with auto settings turned on, the taken photo had large swathes of green. Then I switched it to night mode and the picture was taken just fine. Shouldn't "Auto" mode take a picture with night mode enabled if theres not enough light? The camera auto detect settings not perfect.

To fix the camera issue, holding the up volume and pressing power at the same time until the Xoom resets. The hard reset won't erase any data nor apps, just clearing the Xoom and starting fresh.

XOOM tethering with Computer using USB cable

When you access internet on your XOOM Tablet, you can share Xoom internet connection with your computer using USB cable. The XOOM USB tethering is working on Windows 7, Vista and Linux.

1. Use USB cable to connect your XOOM tablet with computer
2. On your Xoom's Home Screen, touch Apps > Settings > Wireless & networks.
3. Under its setting, touch "Tethering & portable hotspots" and enable "USB tethering".

How to set up Gmail Account on Xoom Tablet

Are you wanting to send and receive email on Xoom tablet using Gmail? Here is how to set up gmail on Xoom easily and start sending and receiving mails.

1. On the home screen, touch App > Email. On the Account setup screen, enter your emails address and password in the text boxs and touch "Next" button.
2. Check the Gamil account options as you want and touch "Next" button.
3. Then type the meaningful name to your Gmail account and touch “Next” button.

Friday, April 1, 2011

How to make video call using Google talk on Xoom

If you want to make a video call using Google talk from your Motorola Xomm, try the following steps

1. From Home Screen, touch Apps > Talk.
2. Select the contact you would like to call in the chat list.
3. Click the camera icon in the chat window. Now you are able to make a video call.

How to Change Primary Email Account with Xoom

Sometimes when you need to change your primary email account on your Xoom tablet, you may find that completing this task is not as easy as it should be.

How to change your primary email account on Xoom

Performing a hard reset on your Xoom is the quickest way to change your primary email account. That will completely wipe all data from your tablet and reset it to factory default settings.

1. Tap your finger on the bottom right corner of the Home Screen.
2. Touch Setting > Privacy > Personal Data, and
3. You can see the "Factory data reset.". Just pressing the button. Xoom will ask you for confirmation. Once you confirm, all data will be erased.

When your Xoom reboots, you will be prompted for settings to configure your tablet. After you have entered the new information, your Xoom will now use this as the primary email account.

How to install .apk file on Xoom

APK applications are basically Android package applications. If you want to install an app manually from an apk file, this tutorial will show you how to install/execute APK file on Motorola Xoom.

1. Download a file manager app called Astro File Manager and theninstall it.
2. Open Astro and find the app in your memory and select it. It will take you to a screen in the settings to check "Unknown Sources".
3. Do that and go back to the app and you will be able to install .apk file.

Stock browser stopped working on Xoom

Today the stock browser stopped working on my Motorola Xoom. The little blue line went about 10% of the way accross the top and wouldn't serve sites. I tried emptying the cache but still got the issue. Firefox and dolphin worked fine.

That happen a couple times. After rebooted Xoom, it works fine.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to set Yahoo email on Xoom home screen

Setting a Yahoo mail bookmark on your Xoom home screen will let you easily access your Yahoo mail account.

How to add Yahoo bookmark on the Home Screen
1. Access Yahoo! Mail through the tablets browser at and save it as a bookmark.
2. From the Motorola XOOM Homepage, find open space and press and hold your finger on the screen.
3. From the Widgets Menu, tap Bookmarks. Hold Bookmarks and drag to your homescreen.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can I use USB aircard with Xoom tablet

I have bought a USB wireless Air card. Can I use a USB Air card to connect a xoom tablet to the internet?

Probably not. I think some software is involved and the usb modem needs to install software.

XOOM Browser quick controls help

The Xoom Browser quick controls can give you more viewing area for webpages.

Open Default Broswer and go to the upper right hand corner.
Select the Menu Icon > Settings > Labs and check on the Quick Controls line.
After restarting the browser, you should see more viewing area.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

iDisplay makes Xoom tablet as Secondary Display

iDisplay is a universal android app that turns your Motorola XOOM Android Tablet into a second monitor for your Mac or PC.

For multi-users who want to increase their productivity, iDisplay expands the viewable area of a user's main monitor. You can move programs such as IM, Twitter and news gadgets into an external display, especially for those of us with the beautiful 10.1" 1280x800 display of the new Motorola Xoom tablet. And your main monitor is freed up for displaying only software which require more view space.

Download iDisplay from the market link

Xoom Transfer documents error file type not supported for pdf/doc

When I try to transfer my work pdfs, docs, ppts files over from my Windows XP SP3 computer to the new Xoom tablet through the USB cable, I get the error: "File type not supported for this media device, would you like to skip this file and try to have windows media player convert it later?" I was using Windows file explorer to copy the files. But copying pdfs works fine on another computer running Windows 7.

Then I upgrade Windows Media player from 10 to 11 version. The computer allows me to copy the files anyway. The issue fixed.

How to export Xoom contacts as VCF file

If you want to export your Xoom's contacts as a VCF file, try the following steps.

1. On your Xoom's Home Screen, touch App and Open Contacts app.
2. Touch App > Settings, choose Import/Export from the drop-down menu and choose Export to USB Storage.
3. Xoom will ask you "Are you sure you want to export your contact list to "/mnt/sdcard/00001.vcf?"
4. Choose "OK" and wait for Xoom to finish exporting.
5. To view the Xoom contacts file on Windows Xp/Vista/7, open the Astro File Manager, and move the VCF file from the default sdcard/ directory to the DCIM directory, and it will appear on the Windows XOOM sync.

Finally Xoom supports Flash

Adobe has released a new beta version of Flash compatible with Android tablets, including Motorola Xoom. So you can use Flash for on the web, YouTube, Netflix and games, on your Xoom tablet. But don’t get too excited, the Mobile Flash crashes when playing HD video, and drains the battery.

Watch DVD Movies in Full Screen on Motorola Xoom

Motorola XOOM runing Android 3.0 has a super-fast dual-core processor and supports 1080P HD video playback. So you can enjoy DVD Movies in Full screen on Motorola XOOM with high quality.

To watch DVD Movies on Xoom tablet, you need to use a DVD to XOOM converter software for converting your favorite DVD movies to XOOM supported video formats.

Then transfer the DVD movies to your Motorola XOOM via USB.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Delete widgets from Home screen of Xoom

I have a widgets I would like to remove from my Xoom tablet. How to remove unwanted widgets on Home Screen from my Xoom?

1. Tap and hold the widget you wish to remove for 3 seconds.
2. Then you will see a Remove option next to a trash in the upper-right corner of the screen.
3. Keep holding the widget and drag it to the trash can.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to clean Motorola Xoom

For any motorola xoom owner, learning how to clean the Xoom is an essential piece of knowledge.

Cleaning Xoom tablet
Don’t use window cleaners, solvents or abrasives to clean Xoom.

To clean Xoom, unplug all cables and turn off Xoom. Then use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth for cleaning. Simply wipe the Xoom screen with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove oil left by your hands.

How to disable mobile sites view on Xoom

My Xoom has a awesome browser on it. But it is forcing me to go to the mobile site view. I realize it is based on a phone's OS but how to stop this behavior.

To turn off the mobile sites in the Xoom browser, touch Apps > Settings > Debug. You will see the debug option, select UAString, and then check the "Desktop" option.

Can I connect external HD to Xoom

My Xoom is the first Android device. And I havea a micro usb adapter. Is it possible to hook up an external hard drive to the Xoom through the usb port, and play movies off that?

No, the Xoom can't do that. Currently this feature is unavailable.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Standard Android Apps works with Xoom

There are many standard Android apps that work with Xoom tablet.

Astro, ConnectBot, ColorNote, Dropbox, Kindle, Beautiful Widgets, Paper Toss, Puzzle Attack, Trendster, Ted, TV Guide, Ultimate Stopwatch, Weather Bug Elite, Root Explorer, MyDay, Yellowbook, Google TV remote, Documents to go, New CNN app, HD Wallpapers, Google Places, Gradient Rain Live Wallpaper, Google Sky, Screen Mode widget.

How can I get java on Motorola Xoom

How can I get/download java on my Motorola Xoom. Many sites I need to acess require JNLP and Java SE. A web site charting application also requires java. I have tried multiple browsers to no avail.

There is not a Java JRE runtime enviroment for any browser on Android, including Xoom tablet. To use Java, you have to carry you laptop pc around.

How to stop music player app on Xoom

Every time I use the speaker dock, there is a picture of headphones in the notification area on my Xoom. When I click on it, a song appears and I can't close the music app.

There is a small "X" icon when you tap on the music. Just select and close it.

If you have speaker doc and have ever opened your music app there is no stop button. This is a issue with Xoom. You have to force closed the app.

How to Rename Photo Taken by Camera on Xoom

I have taken photos with the camera on my Xoom tablet. How can I rename or label photos.

All Pictures are in sdcard/dcim/camera. You can rename them in a file manager like astro or root explorer.

I am using Astro file manager editor. Simply open it and click sdcard > dcim > camera. Then you see the photos you want to rename. Hold your finger on it. When the menu pops up, click edit then rename it.

How to setup Hotmail on XOOM

It is pretty easy to set up Hotmail on your Xoom tablt and only takes a few seconds.

1. From the Home Screen, touch Apps > Settings > Accounts & sync > + Add account > Email > Manual setup.
2. Touch POP3 and enter your hotmail setting informations:

Username: (Complete email address)
Password: Your mail password
POP3 server:
Port: 995 or 110
Security type: SSL
Delete email from server: If you want to change this option, just touch it.

3. Touch Next and enter the following informations:

SMTP server:
Port:587 or 25
Security type: TLS

4. Touch Next and enter a name for the account that will display on outgoing messages.

5. Touch Done. Now you can test sending and receiving an email with your Hotmail.

Can not add facebook account on Xoom tablet

I have added my twitter, google and skype in Account's async under settings on my Xoom. But when I click the Facebook option under Add Account and have it do nothing. All the other options, such as corporate, email and google, take me to a sign in page, clicking on FaceBook does nothing.

I can't figure out how to fix the Facebook account issue. I am wondering if Google is going to end up leaving Facebook contact sync out of Honeycomb.

My friend have no trouble using Facebook in either the browser or the android Facebook application on her Xoom. Right now there are two ways to access Facebook. You can use the app, which works fine but does not seem to be optimized for Xoomtablets. Or you can get the full Facebook experience by using the browser.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sync app on Xoom with Google Accounts

I had finally got a Xoom tablet from a VZW store. How to let Xoom download your Market Apps that are synced with your Google Account? Or does the Xoom treat those separately?

The Xoom tablet doesn't mirror your other device installations in the App Market. All your paid apps (for Droid X) appeared as "purchased" and you have to download each of them. Free apps will also need to be downloaded again.

Cut copy and paste text on Xoom

It seem that I can't select and then copy text out of a GMail or other email account on my Xoom tablet? How do you cut copy and paste text?

Select text: Press and hold Shift , then press left or right.
Cut or copy selected text: Touch and hold text > Cut or Copy.
Paste cut or copy text: Touch and hold > Paste.
Delete a character: Press Delete.
Delete the current line: Press Alternate + Delete.

Add Home screen shortcuts to files on Xoom

I need to view a couple of Excel files stored Xoom tablet on a regular basis. How can I make a shortcut icon on my home screen that take me directly to the file and open it if I touch the shortcut?

Try adding a shortcut to a screen and choose Astro. You can have a shortcut to any file you want. Just set the default to whatever opens it if it asks.

Which cases fit motorola xoom

I am looking for the Xoom cases for protecting my new Android tablet?

I have found a ZooGue portfolio stand case for my xoom. Their iPad cases get very good reviews on Amazon.

Currently the XOOM case will be available by the end of March and the case will accommodate all the cut outs for the XOOM. Will the case fit motorola xoom?

How to stream videos from Xoom to HDTV

You can watch lots of movies and TV shows streamed from your Xoom to an HDTV with good quality. The set up is very easy. The basic tool you need is a HDMI.

1. Plug your Xoom device into the appropriate HDMI port on your HDTV.
2. To start streaming video, tap Apps > Gallery.
3. Go into the desired media folder and tap your desired video. Then tap the "Play" icon associated with the video.

Can I share videos on my Xoom

I had recorded a video on my Xoom tablet. How can I share it to my friends by YouTube?

1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Camera.
2. The camer app will launch, touch the "Video" icon and then the "Camera Roll" icon.
3. Navigate the video you want to sahre and touch the "Share" icon. The share options lists "YouTube", "Bluetooth" and "Gmail". Choose the YouTube.

Does Motorola XOOM support external USB devices

Can I use my external USB device with the Motorola XOOM?

Now the Motorola XOOM only support external USB keyboard. Other USB devices will be supported after a future software upgrade. Just waiting.

How to Switch Xoom cameras

The Xoom tablet has two cameras: a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video chat and a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera for video and photos.

1. To Switch Xoom cameras, touch Apps from th home screen.
2. Touch "Camera" and then touch the Video icon.
3. Touch the "Camera Rotation" icon for switching your cameras.

How to print from Motorola Xoom directly

Can I print directly from my Motorola XOOM?

The Motorola Xoom tablet currently doesn't have the ability to print with the standard Android software.

The 3rd party Android Applications like "Printer share mobile" in the Android Market enable you to print from your Motorola XOOM.

How to set email alert on Xoom

Can I set the Xoom tablet to alert me when I get new mail? Does anyone know how to make the alert louder when receiving email on the Xoom?

How To set an email alert on your Xoom tablet
1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Email > Menu > Account settings.
2. Under the Notification settings, touch "Email Notifications" for turning the alert on.
3. Scroll to and touch "Select ringtone" and select your preferred ringtone.

Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Sync Xoom with Outlook via Google

Microsoft Outlook controls the emails, contacts, appointments, tasks and memos, but the missing Xoom Sync with Outlook disappoints them. Because they can't directly sync Outlook with their Xoom Android tablets. There are a method that allow you to achieve a Xoom sync with Outlook.

How to Sync Xoom with Outlook via Google
1. On your computer, launch Microsoft Outlook and select File > Options > Advanced > Export > Export to a file > Next.
2. Choose "Comma Separated Values" (CVS) as the file format type, Identify the contact folder and then click Next > Finish. And then copy the CSV file to your Xoom.
3. On your Xoom tablet, log into the Google account and select Gmail > Conacts and import the CSV file to transfer contacts. You can use the same procedure to sync calendar, notes.

How to delete Videos on Motorola Xoom tablet

The Motorola Xoom tablet is a cool Android Based Tablet. Here is the tutorial how to delete video on Motorola Xoom step by step.

1. Go to the Gallary and select the Camera Folder.
2. Check the video you wish to delete.
3. Touch the particular video and hold it until check boxes appear on video, then touch "Delete".

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to add picture to Contact on Xoom tablet

How to associate a picture with a contact on Xoom

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Contacts.
2. Navigate to and choose the contact you want to edit.
3. Touch the "Edit" icon.
4. Touch the "Picture" icon and select "Select photo from Gallery."
5. Select the picture you want to associate with your contact by touching it.
6. Crop the picture as desired and touch OK > Done.

Change the notification sound on Xoom - Tutorial

Xoom tablets have more than one tone for notifications, ringtone, and so on. Here is how to set a unique tone for notifications.

Change the notification ringtone on Xoom - Tutorial
1. From the Home Screen, touch Apps > Settings > Sound > Notification ringtone.
2. You will see a list of default sounds for notifying you of events.
3. Pick your desired ringtone by tapping on it and then tap OK.

How to add applications to Home screen on Xoom

You can customize your Home Screen to suit your lifestyle.

Adding application icons and other shortcuts to your Home screen on Xoom tablet

1. Slide your finger across the screen to access to the Home Screen you want to edit.
2. Touch the "+" icon and touch "App shortcuts".
3. Choose the apps you want to add by tapping it.

How to change Xoom wallpaper

Changing the background of your Xoom is pretty easy. You can even grab pictures from the Web to use as wallpapers with a simple push of the touchscreen.

How To change the wallpaper on Xoom
1. From the home screen, touch the "+" icon.
2. Touch Wallpapers > Wallpaper, and select your preferred wallpaper.

How to pair with bluetooth headset with Xoom

Learn how to pair your Bluetooth enabled headset with Xoom so that you can link the Xoom to a headset.

1. Make sure your device has enabled Bluetooth.
2. From the home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Bluetooth settings.
3.Tap "Find nearby devices" and select the headset you want to pair to. After pairing, tap the device again to connect.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Xoom Android tablet

The Bluetooth wireless capability gives your Xoom Android tablet tremendous power.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Xoom Android tablet
1. On your Xoom's Home screen, touch Apps > Settings > Wireless & networks.
2. Under the settings, touch "Bluetooth" to turn Blutooth on.
3. You can touch it again for turning Bluetooth off.

How to add new Email Account on Xoom

How to add a new Email account on Motorola Xoom
1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Email.
2. In the Email address field, enter your email address.
3. In the password field, enter your email password. Then touch "Next".
4. On your account options, check the following options what you needs and touch Next.

* Send email from this account by default
* Notify me when email arrives
* Sync email from this account
* Automatically download attachments when connected to WiFi

5. On the "Your Name" field, enter a name for the email account and touch Next.

How to set screen timeout on Xoom

While the Motorola Xoom itself is quite nice, the screen keep turning off after just a few seconds of idle time. That is annoying.

How to change the screen time-out on Xoom Android tablet
1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Setting > Screen > Timeout.
2. The screen timeout duration includes 15/30 senconds and 1/2/5/10/30 minutes. Tap the timeout value you wish to use.

The screen timeout can be set to higher duration to help maximize battery life.

How to Find WiFi MAC Address on Motorola Xoom

Sometimes you need to find out the WiFi MAC Address of your Motorola XOOM tablet.

How to Find WiFi Mac Address on Motorola Xoom
1. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on the device.
2. On the upper right of the home screen, touch Apps.
3. Touch Settings > About tablet > Status, then you can see the Wi-Fi MAC address in a popup screen.

How to Add clock alarm on Xoom

The Xoom has a built-in Clock app which will set off an alarm at a given time.

To add an alarm on your Xoom, touch Apps > Clock > Set, and enter your alarm details.

When an alarm sounds, touch to Dismiss to turn it off or Snooze to delay for ten minutes.

How to view Word/Excel/PDF documents on Xoom

Users always need to view Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF and text files on Xoom tablet.

To view these documents on Xoom, you can install the a mobile office application called Quick Office. This app ships with the Motorola XOOM and allows you to view .doc (Word), .xls (Excel), .ppt (Powerpoint), .pdf (Adobe PDF) and .txt (text files).

But you can't edit thses documents with Quick Office. The "Edit" capability will be availalble at a future date as a Android Market download.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Backup Xoom on Mac

Xoom tablet stores your applications, pictures, videos, music and etc. Sometimes device could be lost, so you need to Backup Xoom datas.

How to Backup Motorola XOOM on Mac

1. Make sure your Mac has installed the Mac File Transfer tool from the Android site.
2. Create a new "Xoom Backup" folder on your Mac desktop.
3. Connect your Xoom to the Mac using the USB cable, then the Mac File Transfer will pop up.
4. In the "Mac File Transfer" box, highlight the folders, and drag & drop them into the "Xoom Backup" folder.
5. Once finished, remove your device and disconnect the USB cable.

How to Backup Xoom datas on Windows computer

Before updating Motorola Xoom to the last version, you'd better backup all xoom datas, including your apps, videos, pictures, music, documents and more. If Xoom is damaged during upgrade, you will lose data not transferred.

How to Backup Xoom on Windows computer
1. Connect your Xoom tablet to a computer with the micro USB data cable.
2. Double click “My Computer” and you can see Motorola Xoom device under Device Storage.
3. Right-click your Xoom device and select "Copy".
4. Create a folder “Xoom Backup” on your computer and paste the datas there.
5. When you are done, safely remove the device and disconnect the USB cable.

Reading Books on Xoom Android Tablet

From my experience, a Xoom Android tablet is really good as an eBook reader. Xoom is very light-weight, easy to carry, and is about the size of a pocket-size book. You can read eBooks and PDFs with no problem.

1. On your Xoom's home screen, touch Apps > Books. And touch "Shop" to browse and select books.
2. Touch a book to view more information about it. You can touch "Try" to download a free sample, or touch "Buy" to purchase the book to your library.
3. In your library, you can flick left and right to see more books. Touch a book to open and start reading. While reading the book, turn the pages by flicking them.

Xoom keeps crashing & freezing - How To Fix

Nothing is worse than having an android app that crashes on you every time you launch it. It can be more frustrating when Xoom keeps freezing.

A simple restart can really solve some of your Xoom issues. If the Xoom becomes unresponsive, you can try a forced reboot.

Press and hold both Power/Lock and the up-volume key for 5 seconds.

How to set GPS satellites location in Xoom

It is less accurate that you set Xoom tablet to determine your location using the mobile network. Your Xoom device may use Global Positioning System (GPS) signals for location-based apps. That is highly accurate, but uses battery power.

To set your location using GPS satellites, touch Apps > Setting > Location & security > Use GPS satellites.

Create photo albums on Xoom

The Motorola Xoom tablet is equipped with cameras for taking photos. How to create photo albums on the Xoom device? So you can easily organize and retrieve photos. Do users have to create these photo folder on their laptop/desktop first?

Xoom create photo albums automatically by time, location and tags. But you can not create any other types of albums.

How to Zoom in/out the Xoom

Motorola Xoom tablet have the ability to zoom or magnify the screen to make it easier to read. This is a handy accessibility feature. It's quite easy to zoom in on anything you may be looking at on the Xoom device.

How to Zoom in/out the Xoom
To zoom in, touch the screen with two fingers and then slide them apart. To zoom out, drag your fingers together.

How to put Xoom in Airplane mode

Motorola Xoom tablet has an airplane mode that will automatically disable all the wireless features of the device to avoid interfering with aircraft operation and other electrical equipment.

Airplane mode is useful when flying. To turn this feature on, touch Apps > Settings > Wireless & networks > Airplane mode.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections will be deactived.

Xoom only works with the shipped USB cable

It is strange that the Xoom only works with the shipped USB cable. I can't use the cable that came with the EVO with the Xoom.

The USB Cable that came in the box might be the build quality. Other "cheaper" cables may or may not work with the Xoom. My firend has a retractable cable from ReTrak and it works fine on his Xoom.

How to upload videos to YouTube from Xoom

With a large screen, the Motorola Xoom is perfect for watching videos.

This step-by-step guide shows you how to use YouTube app to upload videos on your Xoom.

1. In the upper right corner of the screen, touch Apps > YouTube.
2. Log into your YouTube account and choose Your channel.
3. Touch upload and select the video you want to upload from your video gallery.
4. Add a video informations, such as title, description, and tags.
5. Tap upload for starting to upload.

How to copy music to Xoom from Windows

How to copy/add audio files (mp3, ogg, wma, etc) from your Windows PC to your Xoom tablet

1. To add music to your Xoom, you need to plug it into your PC using a USB cable first.
2. After Windows recognizes the new drive, double-click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop.
3. The new drive disk lists there. Double click it.
4. Now You are viewing the contents of your Xoom device. Navigate to device > Device Storage > DCIM > Camera.
5. Select the musics you want to copy to your Xoom device and paste the files into the Music folder.
6. Once you have finished adding files to your Xoom, remove the device and disconnect the USB cable.

How to update Xoom firmware to the latest version

The Motorola Xoom is running on the Android firmware 3.0. If you want to update your Motorola Xoom tablet's firmware, here is how to do.

1. Touch Apps > Settings > About tablet > System updates.
2. If there is a new available firmware, click to download the installation.
3. Xoom may ask if you want to proceed, select "install". Xoom will automatically install the update.

Make sure NOT press any button when the Xoom tablet is uploading.

Monday, February 28, 2011

How to lock Xoom with PIN lock

Adding a pin code to your Xoom will help you keep it secure, especially if it is lost or stolen.

How to secure your Xoom by requiring a pin-code to be entered before you can use it.
From your home screen, touch Apps > Settings > Location & security > Change screen lock > PIN. And enter a numeric PIN, then confirm it.

Now you have to unlock the Xoom tablet by entering the PIN.

How to setup Xoom as WiFi hotspot

A Wi-Fi hotspot can provide portable, convenient internet access to other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

To Turn Xoom tablet into a WiFi hotspot, do it step by step.
1. First turn off your WiFi. Touch Apps > Setting > Wireless & networks > WiFi.
2. Then turn on the hotspot. Touch Apps > Setting > Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot > Wi-Fi hotspot.
3. Configure your hotspot security.

Touch Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings > Network SSID.
Type your hotspot name as Network SSID and touch Next.
There are two security options: Open and WPA2 PSK. WPA2 is the most secure and users only access the WiFi hotspot with the correc password. If you choose WPA2 PSK, you can set up a unique password.
Touch Save to complete the settings.

How to Connect Xoom to WiFi Network

Chances are good you have a wireless network at home or at work. The Xoom tablet has Wi-Fi capability, so it can access the web using a WiFi network.

How to Connect Xoom to WiFi wireless Network
1. From the home screen, touch Apps > Settings > Wireless & networks.
2. Turn on Wi-Fi by touching "Wi-Fi".
3. Then you need to search for nearby wireless networks, touch "Wi-Fi settings" and choose a network to connect.

Now you are able to surf the web or download data on your Xoom tablet.

How to Delete email account from Xoom

How do you delete an email account from Xoom?

1. From Xoom's home screen, touch Apps > Settings > Accounts & Sync
2. Select the email account you want to delete and touch "Remove account".

How to Delete Xoom files using Windows/Mac computer

How can I delete photos & videos files stored on my Motorola XOOM?

First use a data cable to connect your xoom to a computer.
For Windows PC users
Open "My computer" and the device appears under Portable Devices.
Select your device > Device Storage > DCIM > Camera, and you can start deleting your photos and videos files.

For Apple Mac users
Open filetransfer for downloaing and installing the Android File Transfer app.
Run the app and it will allow you to access and transfer media back.

Motorola Xoom Supported Media Formats

I had transfered some movies and music to my Xoom and the .mp3 audio format works well, but the I can't get .wma to work. What movie/audio formats are working on Xoom?

The Motorola Xoom talet is running Android OS. Here is Xoom Supported media Formats.

Supported Movie Video Formats:
3GPP (.3gp), MPEG-4 (.mp4) and WebM (.webm)

Supported Audio Formats:
3GPP (.3gp), MP3 (.mp3), MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4a), Type 0 and 1 (.mid, .xmf, .mxmf). Also RTTTL/RTX (.rtttl, .rtx), OTA (.ota), iMelody (.imy), Ogg (.ogg) and WAVE (.wav).
No support for raw AAC (.aac)

Xoom not recognized by Windows computer

If your Xoom does not appear under Portable Devices in your computer after you connect it to your Windows Xp/Vista/7, try troubleshooting using the assistant for your device:

You may need to update your computer's USB & PC Charging Drivers via Here. Make sure you have Administrator permission before installing drivers.

The USB driver is used for connecting your Xoom to a Windows computer via a USB cable.
The PC Charging Drivers allow you to charge your phone using your PC and a USB cable.

How to Delete/Uninstall Xoom Apps

To delete/uninstall an application purchased or otherwise installed on Xoom device, There are many methods to do that.

Delete apps From the Settings Menu
1. In the top right corner of the screen, touch "APPS".
2. Touch Settings > Applications > Manage Applications.
3. Select the app and touch "Uninstall".

Remove apps From the Application Tray
1. In the upper right corner of the display, Touch "Apps" and choose the app you want to uninstall.
2. Touch & Hold the application icon, and then you will see "Uninstall" coming up in the top right corner of the display.
3. Now drag & drop it to the Uninstall trash can.

MicroSD card not working on Xoom

The motorola xoom tablet has a micro SD slot and I tried inserting a MicroSD card but it did not recognize it. Is this a hardware issue?

The microSD Card Slot is not active, so MicroSD card is not working on the Xoom. It needs a software update that will enable this device support up to 32GB. That is not available yet.

How to Reset Xoom to Factory Settings

Occasionally your Motorola Xoom may freeze, won't respond or hang during an operation, you are unable to navigate through the menu. Don't worry, resetting your Xoom to factory settings couldn't be easier.

How to factory reset the motorola Xoom
1. Make sure your Xoom is OFF. Turn on the tablet.
2. Press the volume down key when the Motorola logo showing on the screen. Keep pressing the key untill "Android recovery text" shows up in top left corner
3. Press and hold the power button While talbet shows Android recovery screen.
4. press and release volume up key while power button is pressed.
5. Use the volume down button to scroll down to "Wipe data/factory reset" option. And Press power to select it.
6. Scroll down and Use the power button to select "Yes, delete all user data".
7. Finally press the Power button.

How to Download and Install Apps on Xoom

Now you can browse and install Android apps on Xoom using the Android Market Webstore.

How to Download and Install Apps on Motorola Xoom
1. From the home screen, touch Apps in the top right corner of the screen, choose Market. You can browse the fun games and cool apps.
2. Scroll to and touch the app you want to install. Then, touch Download or Buy button, Xoom will install the app.