Saturday, August 27, 2011

Android honeycomb media player - Hive Player

Hive Player is a Android music player optimized for Xoom tablet. With Hive Player, you can scrollable widget with music collection navigation, multi-Select playlist additions, filter duplicates, Search with playlist additions, notification controls with album artwork and etc.

The app is much better than the stock music player. The powerful home screen widget is the coolest feature. The widget works but only allows browsing to albums and artists on Xoom, but it doesn't support Google music.

Download Hive Player ($1.99) from Market.

How to make phone calls on Xoom

Some people buy a Motorola Xoom and think about using it as an actual phone. If the Xoom has the option, they would love it to simply replace the phone. But can the Xoom tablet make a Phone call?

You can use Skype, Google talk app to place Voice calls via the Internet, but the Xoom isn't designed to be an actual phone yet. In fact, in Europe the Galaxy Tab had the ability to make calls on Xoom, but the US Carrier restrictions prevent it here.

Download photos from camera to Xoom

I have the Xoom Wi-Fi only version and I have snapped some photos by using Canon camera. I want to download the photos from camera to my Xoom tablet for sharing them with my friends. How can I do that?

You can use the official camera adapter kit for Motorola Xoom. The kit consists of a proprietary cable that has a micro USB connector. You can conveniently transfer pictures from your compatible cameras right to the Motorola Xoom, even the large amounts of photos.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Xoom not turning on & stuck at Black Screen

Today when I wake up, my Motorola Xoom won't turn on and stucks at a black screen. It was plugged in night. The notification LED was also flashing. Why does the tablet not respond? How to fix the issue? Can any body help me?

Just pressing the volume button all the way up and the on button at the same time. That worked. Your Xoom will turn back on.

Business Calendar

Business Calendar is a android calendar app that is synchronising with your Google calendars, support smooth scroll- and zoomable multi-day view. It's best Calendar app to date.

I have used Business Calendar over the stock calendar on my Xoom. It does tie all of my sync'd accounts, including two Gmail and one Exchange. Adding an event is much quicker than the default calendar app.

Download Business Calendar ($5.73) from Market.

Xoom calendar widget not updating

My calendar widget does not update automatically on my Xoom after 3.1 update. There are a standard widget and a resized widget both on my home screen. They are always stuck on yesterday's date and events at the top. I try doing hard reset, still not working. How can I fix the issues?

When I delete the resized widget on heom screen, the standard sized widget changes to today's date. The problem seems to be with resized calendar widget.

Activate 3G on WiFi Only Xoom

I have got the WiFi-Only Motorola Xoom tablet and bought a Verizon 3G SIM card. I find a guide for getting 3G Xoom to work on another carrier, so can I activate 3G on my WiFi-Only Xoom? How to add the Verizon 3G SIM card to activate?

You can't activate 3G mobile data on the WiFi Only Xoom. It's impossible. The hardware are different between the 3G version and the WiFi version. The WiFi only version Xoom doesn't have the hardware required to connect to any carrier networks.