Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Search for images on Xoom

"Bing Image Search" is an Android application used to search for images. If you want to make search for images on your Xoom tablet, I would suggest you it.

Bing Image Search using the Bing 2.0 engine, is useful while searching for images. You are able to find the images you want on your Xoom, including Color: Black & White, Size: Large, Medium, Small. It 's fun finding great pictures on the Web and downloading special ones. Then set the images as your tablet wallpaper. Works fantastic.

Download Bing Image Search on Android market.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Does XOOM support HDCP via HDMI

I had got a Motorola Xoom tablet. HDCP allows you to share HD videos to televisions. Does the Xoom support HDCP via HDMI?

No, the XOOM doesn't support this feature at launch. A future software upgrade will enable this device to support HDCP via HDMI.

Volume control app for Motorola Xoom

If you are complaining about the volume control on the Xoom, try Audio Manager Pro. With the app, you are able to control your volume through that app. It doesn't mess with the volume bars on the side of your Xoom.

I have been using Audio Manager Pro on my Xoom for a long time. It's easy way to manage all of your sound settings. I don't have much trouble with the volume buttons, just click it once and control the rest on the screen.

How to sync chrome bookmarks to Motorola Xoom

How can I import bookmarks into the Google browser Chrome on my motorola xoom tablet.

1. On your computer, open the chrome browser, and click on the settings > Bookmark Manager > Organize > Import Bookmarks. From there select and upload your .html bookmark file.
2. On your Xoom tablet, launch your browser and select the configuration > Settings > General > Sync with Google Chrome.

Now all your bookmarks will be sync between computer and your Xoom.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stupid Zombies on Xoom

Stupid Zombies is a very fun game my kids will not quit bugging me to play it on my Xoom tablet. In the game, there are lots of stupid zombies. You are humanity who have to use one shotgun to beat stupid zombies.

It's very similar to angry birds, but with a different twist and harder levels. Pretty physics game. But I was bored after level 28.

Download Stupid Zombies (Free) from Android Market.

Free calendar widget for Motorola Xoom

Simple Calendar Widget is analog of standard calendar widget, with updated look to match style of "SiMi Clock" widget.

The Widget has clean look with a lot of customizations. It supports lots of configuration options, including different skins, Font and background customization, choose which calendars to show. Awesome calendar. So simple and streamlined.. Perfect.

Download Simple Calendar Widget from Android Market.

How to Watch Hulu, Netflix on Xoom

Splashtop Remote Desktop is a android app that brings your computer to your Xoom tablet, featuring full video and audio support. The app needs a PC and looks like Play-ON but there are NO monthly charges after purchasing it.

I am using it to watch Hulu, Netflix and movies on my Xoom. The streaming quality of netflix is smooth and impressive. Splashtop seems to only work for local networks.

Download Splashtop Remote Desktop from Android market.

How to Sync Xoom tablet to PC/Laptop

Websharing File/Media Sync is a great app allows you to sync the Xoom with your PC or laptop, and establish your Xoom as a file/media server on wireless network.

With the WebDAV Server feature, you can access your Xoom from your PC's browser. I often transfers files, music, photos, and videos over Wi-Fi between my Xoom tablet and computer. My document fully synchronized between my Xoom and XP Laptop. Useful for browsing and file transfer.

Download Websharing File/Media Sync ($2.99) from Android market.

How to add album art to music in Motorola Xoom

Windows Media Player (WMP) is a great application and works great for syncing to the Android platform. If you want to add album art you've added to your native Xoom music player, try the following steps:

1. Use Windows Media Player to add music to the "Library" with the list of songs from your artist, then browse to the album that misses art.
2. Find a picture that you want to use for album art by using Windows Explorer. And copy it to your library. The copy of the picture is embedded into each of the songs from the album.
3. Drag files from your library to the "Sync" tab, then sync songs to your Xoom tablet.

Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Block Flash Ads in Stock Browser on Xoom

Is there any way to block ads in the stock browser on my Xoom tablet? Such as flash ads and pop up ads.

In stock Browser, Go to setting > advanced > enable plug ins, and you have a few options. You can set it to shut down all together.

You can also root the Xoom tablet and install AdFree from the Market. The app works for me as well.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Canot turn Xoom on after powered it off

My Xoom tablet worked perfectly up. After I charged it fully, I tried to turn it back on but nothing happen. The tablet is not working.

To fix this issue, try holding the up volume and the power button on Xoom at the same time.

Xoom wont connect to WiFi network issue

I have used a US Robotics USR8054 WiFi router as an access point. My android phone connects no problem, but my Xoom will not connect. The tablet simply cycles "scanning..." then just stuck at "connecting..." screen.

How to fix the WiFI issues with Xoom
1. Update your router's firmware to the latest version
2. Reboot your router. Hold the up volume and push the power until the Xoom reboots.
3. If the router uses WEP, disable WEP, re-enable WEP/WPA-PSK and then reconnect with your Xoom.

Does pandora app work on Xoom

Does pandora app work on Xoom tablet?

I recently got the Xoom WiFi tablet and did download the Pandora app, but it crashes all the time. I removed it and installed the app again, but no luck. My friend has the Xoom 3G and pandora does work without any problems. Staff at pandora says they are working on fixing it for Honeycomb as well. Hope the issue gets fixed.

Exchange 2010 Error on Motorola Xoom

When I tried to setup my email on Exchange 2010, I received an error "Setup could not finish. Username or password incorrect." But my username and password were correct.

If the Exchange Server group does not have the appropriate permission to the mailbox object in Active Directory, you will get this issue.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Android tablet app for turning on and off Xoom

Is there an Xoom Android tablet app for turning the screen on and off?

Yes. Screen Off and Lock is a Android app that let you turn off screen and lock device without touching power button. This tools allows you to switch off and lock screen by 1 click with screen off animation and sound effects. But it isn't a widget. I am unsure how to get back to the options page, but at least it does what i want it to.

Download Screen Off and Lock from android market.

How to fit size for apps on Xoom android tablet

I just got the Motorola Xoom tablet and then installed some apps I get from the android market. But the app display in the size set for an android phone. Apps were too small. How can I make the app stretch to fit my Xoom tablet screen?

Download spare parts app from the market and disable compatibility mode. Then reboot. The apps will go full screen.

Does motorola Xoom have gps

Does Motorola Xoom tablet have gps?

My xoom gps works fine. I used it this morning driving to work. It is more accurate than the Garmin Nuvi I have in the car.

Gps with cell turned off works fine. It wasn't slow to locate even when I was inside my house. It even new I was in the living room on Google maps.

Xoom file manager

I have a Xoom tablet and want to setup folders on the Xoom. But I can't find a "file manager" on the Xoom. Where is file manager on the device?

You can try using Astro File Manager on the Xoom. The app has many features, including Download any file with browser, Browse, create, extract zip files, Back up and restore.

Stock Alert Tablet Edition - Xoom tablet app

Stock Alert - Tablet Edition is a android tablet app that has real time quotes from stock exchanges around the world. You can set price alerts from currencies to commodities.

I have been using Stock Alert for the phone. This Tablet specific version is amazing. This has to be in the Top 10 Apps for the Android Tablet. It gives current news for a stock, charting of the stock's activity for the day.

Download Stock Alert - Tablet Edition from Android market.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sync itunes playlist and music to Xoom

I need to sync my iTunes playlists and music with my motorola xoom. I have tried doubletwist, winamp and Salling Media sync. doubletwist app can wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists, photos and videos with your Android phone using Wi-Fi network. But none of them will bring over the playlist and the playlist itself does not get transfered.

Anybody can transfer music and playlist form itunes to Xoom?

Stream music from Xoom tablet

I am looking for an app that allows you to stream music to a Airport express. Is there any way you can stream music from xoom tablet?

Audiogalaxy Music Android app is new cloud music player stream your music and playlists from your computer (Mac and Windows) to your Android. With Audiogalaxy, you are able to stream music from your Mac to your Xoom, like a media server system. That's fantastic.

New twitter app for motorola Xoom

Just in app is a 3D Twitter stream reader. Quickest access to your time line. Push delivery. It's optimized for mobie use with one-hand operation and gives your tweets a 3d effect.

This new twitter app looks really nice and works very fast and smooth on the Xoom tablet.

Download Just in... from Android market.

How do you delete all mail from trash on Xoom

In the stock email apps on Xoom tablet, I can't find athe way to delete all of the emails within the trash folder other than selecting them all individually and then hitting delete. There are moe than 600 emails on the trash folder. How do you empty trash on a motorola Xoom?

I can choose the option "empty trash" on the trash folder. But I can't find such a basic option on Xoom? Why I can't clear trash folder or spam folder on Xoom device?

Verizon Xoom stopped working and Unresponsive

When I used the browser on my Verizon Xoom, websites would not load. The progress bar went about half-way across the screen and stopped, then completely froze up.

The Xoom tablet stopped working and unresponsive. Pressing the home button but nothing responded. The battery was at around 85% last.

To fix the issue, Pressing down the power and the volume up button for 3 seconds and it will "Hard Boot" the Xoom tablet. Works for me.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Xoom camera scenes not working

When I tried the coupling scene in the Xoom camera, it seems to work fine. I could take my pictures, but didn't find the saved picture. After the camera switched to play-mode, Xoom just showed the previous picture.

Then I installed the astro file manager and found the taken pictures, including coupling, comic and panorama, are stored in the folder: /sdcard/sd/DCIM/Camera/. The pictures can be viewed in gallery and astro viewer.

Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

Flash doesn't recognize Xoom Front/Rear Camera

On my Motorola Xoom tablet, when I accessed a web video chat site, adobe flash doesn't recognize built in camera (Front and Rear). I didn't get the familiar adobe flash player settings dialog that asks me if I want to allow the website to access my camera and microphone. Flash won't allow me to send video. But the camera worked fine with the camera app.

I tried snapping a photo within Facebook and also a video and the camera couldn't be found.

This is a Xoom issue. The camera on Xoom may not be working via web sites. Adobe responded that "Microphone and Camera API's are not currently supported on Android Platform." Developers plan to add support when they are able to access these devices through the browser API.

Xoom camera photo has large swathes of green

After I took photo by Xoom camera with auto settings turned on, the taken photo had large swathes of green. Then I switched it to night mode and the picture was taken just fine. Shouldn't "Auto" mode take a picture with night mode enabled if theres not enough light? The camera auto detect settings not perfect.

To fix the camera issue, holding the up volume and pressing power at the same time until the Xoom resets. The hard reset won't erase any data nor apps, just clearing the Xoom and starting fresh.

XOOM tethering with Computer using USB cable

When you access internet on your XOOM Tablet, you can share Xoom internet connection with your computer using USB cable. The XOOM USB tethering is working on Windows 7, Vista and Linux.

1. Use USB cable to connect your XOOM tablet with computer
2. On your Xoom's Home Screen, touch Apps > Settings > Wireless & networks.
3. Under its setting, touch "Tethering & portable hotspots" and enable "USB tethering".

How to set up Gmail Account on Xoom Tablet

Are you wanting to send and receive email on Xoom tablet using Gmail? Here is how to set up gmail on Xoom easily and start sending and receiving mails.

1. On the home screen, touch App > Email. On the Account setup screen, enter your emails address and password in the text boxs and touch "Next" button.
2. Check the Gamil account options as you want and touch "Next" button.
3. Then type the meaningful name to your Gmail account and touch “Next” button.

Friday, April 1, 2011

How to make video call using Google talk on Xoom

If you want to make a video call using Google talk from your Motorola Xomm, try the following steps

1. From Home Screen, touch Apps > Talk.
2. Select the contact you would like to call in the chat list.
3. Click the camera icon in the chat window. Now you are able to make a video call.

How to Change Primary Email Account with Xoom

Sometimes when you need to change your primary email account on your Xoom tablet, you may find that completing this task is not as easy as it should be.

How to change your primary email account on Xoom

Performing a hard reset on your Xoom is the quickest way to change your primary email account. That will completely wipe all data from your tablet and reset it to factory default settings.

1. Tap your finger on the bottom right corner of the Home Screen.
2. Touch Setting > Privacy > Personal Data, and
3. You can see the "Factory data reset.". Just pressing the button. Xoom will ask you for confirmation. Once you confirm, all data will be erased.

When your Xoom reboots, you will be prompted for settings to configure your tablet. After you have entered the new information, your Xoom will now use this as the primary email account.

How to install .apk file on Xoom

APK applications are basically Android package applications. If you want to install an app manually from an apk file, this tutorial will show you how to install/execute APK file on Motorola Xoom.

1. Download a file manager app called Astro File Manager and theninstall it.
2. Open Astro and find the app in your memory and select it. It will take you to a screen in the settings to check "Unknown Sources".
3. Do that and go back to the app and you will be able to install .apk file.

Stock browser stopped working on Xoom

Today the stock browser stopped working on my Motorola Xoom. The little blue line went about 10% of the way accross the top and wouldn't serve sites. I tried emptying the cache but still got the issue. Firefox and dolphin worked fine.

That happen a couple times. After rebooted Xoom, it works fine.