Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to sync chrome bookmarks to Motorola Xoom

How can I import bookmarks into the Google browser Chrome on my motorola xoom tablet.

1. On your computer, open the chrome browser, and click on the settings > Bookmark Manager > Organize > Import Bookmarks. From there select and upload your .html bookmark file.
2. On your Xoom tablet, launch your browser and select the configuration > Settings > General > Sync with Google Chrome.

Now all your bookmarks will be sync between computer and your Xoom.

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  1. I have had some issues unfortunately. I was a dedicated firefox user but decided to try Chrome this week on my 2 computers devices as I just purchased a Xoom. All seemed to be going well until I noticed that the bookmarks were not exactly the same on the 2 computers and the Xoom was aligned to the bookmarks on just one of the computers (and unfortunately not my primary computer with the "correct" bookmarks).

    I went into my google account dashboard and deleted the bookmarks data thinking I would start again with a clean slate. Unfortunately now the bookmarks sync does not happen at all, and I have no bookmarks whatsoever on my Xoom! Uh oh!

    I do not know how to re-activate the bookmarks data on the google account dashboard, and this appears to be necessary to get sync working again? I hope I have not permanently prevented bookmarks syncing because of this action on my part?

    Xoom does not seem to have any other way of importing the chrome bookmarks other than turning on the sync feature from what I can see?

    Even if I could manually import the chrome bookmarks into Xoom that would be a start - but ideally I would like to be able to reactive bookmarks sync?

    Can anyone please help?