Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to set Yahoo email on Xoom home screen

Setting a Yahoo mail bookmark on your Xoom home screen will let you easily access your Yahoo mail account.

How to add Yahoo bookmark on the Home Screen
1. Access Yahoo! Mail through the tablets browser at and save it as a bookmark.
2. From the Motorola XOOM Homepage, find open space and press and hold your finger on the screen.
3. From the Widgets Menu, tap Bookmarks. Hold Bookmarks and drag to your homescreen.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can I use USB aircard with Xoom tablet

I have bought a USB wireless Air card. Can I use a USB Air card to connect a xoom tablet to the internet?

Probably not. I think some software is involved and the usb modem needs to install software.

XOOM Browser quick controls help

The Xoom Browser quick controls can give you more viewing area for webpages.

Open Default Broswer and go to the upper right hand corner.
Select the Menu Icon > Settings > Labs and check on the Quick Controls line.
After restarting the browser, you should see more viewing area.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

iDisplay makes Xoom tablet as Secondary Display

iDisplay is a universal android app that turns your Motorola XOOM Android Tablet into a second monitor for your Mac or PC.

For multi-users who want to increase their productivity, iDisplay expands the viewable area of a user's main monitor. You can move programs such as IM, Twitter and news gadgets into an external display, especially for those of us with the beautiful 10.1" 1280x800 display of the new Motorola Xoom tablet. And your main monitor is freed up for displaying only software which require more view space.

Download iDisplay from the market link

Xoom Transfer documents error file type not supported for pdf/doc

When I try to transfer my work pdfs, docs, ppts files over from my Windows XP SP3 computer to the new Xoom tablet through the USB cable, I get the error: "File type not supported for this media device, would you like to skip this file and try to have windows media player convert it later?" I was using Windows file explorer to copy the files. But copying pdfs works fine on another computer running Windows 7.

Then I upgrade Windows Media player from 10 to 11 version. The computer allows me to copy the files anyway. The issue fixed.

How to export Xoom contacts as VCF file

If you want to export your Xoom's contacts as a VCF file, try the following steps.

1. On your Xoom's Home Screen, touch App and Open Contacts app.
2. Touch App > Settings, choose Import/Export from the drop-down menu and choose Export to USB Storage.
3. Xoom will ask you "Are you sure you want to export your contact list to "/mnt/sdcard/00001.vcf?"
4. Choose "OK" and wait for Xoom to finish exporting.
5. To view the Xoom contacts file on Windows Xp/Vista/7, open the Astro File Manager, and move the VCF file from the default sdcard/ directory to the DCIM directory, and it will appear on the Windows XOOM sync.

Finally Xoom supports Flash

Adobe has released a new beta version of Flash compatible with Android tablets, including Motorola Xoom. So you can use Flash for on the web, YouTube, Netflix and games, on your Xoom tablet. But don’t get too excited, the Mobile Flash crashes when playing HD video, and drains the battery.

Watch DVD Movies in Full Screen on Motorola Xoom

Motorola XOOM runing Android 3.0 has a super-fast dual-core processor and supports 1080P HD video playback. So you can enjoy DVD Movies in Full screen on Motorola XOOM with high quality.

To watch DVD Movies on Xoom tablet, you need to use a DVD to XOOM converter software for converting your favorite DVD movies to XOOM supported video formats.

Then transfer the DVD movies to your Motorola XOOM via USB.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Delete widgets from Home screen of Xoom

I have a widgets I would like to remove from my Xoom tablet. How to remove unwanted widgets on Home Screen from my Xoom?

1. Tap and hold the widget you wish to remove for 3 seconds.
2. Then you will see a Remove option next to a trash in the upper-right corner of the screen.
3. Keep holding the widget and drag it to the trash can.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to clean Motorola Xoom

For any motorola xoom owner, learning how to clean the Xoom is an essential piece of knowledge.

Cleaning Xoom tablet
Don’t use window cleaners, solvents or abrasives to clean Xoom.

To clean Xoom, unplug all cables and turn off Xoom. Then use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth for cleaning. Simply wipe the Xoom screen with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove oil left by your hands.

How to disable mobile sites view on Xoom

My Xoom has a awesome browser on it. But it is forcing me to go to the mobile site view. I realize it is based on a phone's OS but how to stop this behavior.

To turn off the mobile sites in the Xoom browser, touch Apps > Settings > Debug. You will see the debug option, select UAString, and then check the "Desktop" option.

Can I connect external HD to Xoom

My Xoom is the first Android device. And I havea a micro usb adapter. Is it possible to hook up an external hard drive to the Xoom through the usb port, and play movies off that?

No, the Xoom can't do that. Currently this feature is unavailable.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Standard Android Apps works with Xoom

There are many standard Android apps that work with Xoom tablet.

Astro, ConnectBot, ColorNote, Dropbox, Kindle, Beautiful Widgets, Paper Toss, Puzzle Attack, Trendster, Ted, TV Guide, Ultimate Stopwatch, Weather Bug Elite, Root Explorer, MyDay, Yellowbook, Google TV remote, Documents to go, New CNN app, HD Wallpapers, Google Places, Gradient Rain Live Wallpaper, Google Sky, Screen Mode widget.

How can I get java on Motorola Xoom

How can I get/download java on my Motorola Xoom. Many sites I need to acess require JNLP and Java SE. A web site charting application also requires java. I have tried multiple browsers to no avail.

There is not a Java JRE runtime enviroment for any browser on Android, including Xoom tablet. To use Java, you have to carry you laptop pc around.

How to stop music player app on Xoom

Every time I use the speaker dock, there is a picture of headphones in the notification area on my Xoom. When I click on it, a song appears and I can't close the music app.

There is a small "X" icon when you tap on the music. Just select and close it.

If you have speaker doc and have ever opened your music app there is no stop button. This is a issue with Xoom. You have to force closed the app.

How to Rename Photo Taken by Camera on Xoom

I have taken photos with the camera on my Xoom tablet. How can I rename or label photos.

All Pictures are in sdcard/dcim/camera. You can rename them in a file manager like astro or root explorer.

I am using Astro file manager editor. Simply open it and click sdcard > dcim > camera. Then you see the photos you want to rename. Hold your finger on it. When the menu pops up, click edit then rename it.

How to setup Hotmail on XOOM

It is pretty easy to set up Hotmail on your Xoom tablt and only takes a few seconds.

1. From the Home Screen, touch Apps > Settings > Accounts & sync > + Add account > Email > Manual setup.
2. Touch POP3 and enter your hotmail setting informations:

Username: (Complete email address)
Password: Your mail password
POP3 server:
Port: 995 or 110
Security type: SSL
Delete email from server: If you want to change this option, just touch it.

3. Touch Next and enter the following informations:

SMTP server:
Port:587 or 25
Security type: TLS

4. Touch Next and enter a name for the account that will display on outgoing messages.

5. Touch Done. Now you can test sending and receiving an email with your Hotmail.

Can not add facebook account on Xoom tablet

I have added my twitter, google and skype in Account's async under settings on my Xoom. But when I click the Facebook option under Add Account and have it do nothing. All the other options, such as corporate, email and google, take me to a sign in page, clicking on FaceBook does nothing.

I can't figure out how to fix the Facebook account issue. I am wondering if Google is going to end up leaving Facebook contact sync out of Honeycomb.

My friend have no trouble using Facebook in either the browser or the android Facebook application on her Xoom. Right now there are two ways to access Facebook. You can use the app, which works fine but does not seem to be optimized for Xoomtablets. Or you can get the full Facebook experience by using the browser.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sync app on Xoom with Google Accounts

I had finally got a Xoom tablet from a VZW store. How to let Xoom download your Market Apps that are synced with your Google Account? Or does the Xoom treat those separately?

The Xoom tablet doesn't mirror your other device installations in the App Market. All your paid apps (for Droid X) appeared as "purchased" and you have to download each of them. Free apps will also need to be downloaded again.

Cut copy and paste text on Xoom

It seem that I can't select and then copy text out of a GMail or other email account on my Xoom tablet? How do you cut copy and paste text?

Select text: Press and hold Shift , then press left or right.
Cut or copy selected text: Touch and hold text > Cut or Copy.
Paste cut or copy text: Touch and hold > Paste.
Delete a character: Press Delete.
Delete the current line: Press Alternate + Delete.

Add Home screen shortcuts to files on Xoom

I need to view a couple of Excel files stored Xoom tablet on a regular basis. How can I make a shortcut icon on my home screen that take me directly to the file and open it if I touch the shortcut?

Try adding a shortcut to a screen and choose Astro. You can have a shortcut to any file you want. Just set the default to whatever opens it if it asks.

Which cases fit motorola xoom

I am looking for the Xoom cases for protecting my new Android tablet?

I have found a ZooGue portfolio stand case for my xoom. Their iPad cases get very good reviews on Amazon.

Currently the XOOM case will be available by the end of March and the case will accommodate all the cut outs for the XOOM. Will the case fit motorola xoom?

How to stream videos from Xoom to HDTV

You can watch lots of movies and TV shows streamed from your Xoom to an HDTV with good quality. The set up is very easy. The basic tool you need is a HDMI.

1. Plug your Xoom device into the appropriate HDMI port on your HDTV.
2. To start streaming video, tap Apps > Gallery.
3. Go into the desired media folder and tap your desired video. Then tap the "Play" icon associated with the video.

Can I share videos on my Xoom

I had recorded a video on my Xoom tablet. How can I share it to my friends by YouTube?

1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Camera.
2. The camer app will launch, touch the "Video" icon and then the "Camera Roll" icon.
3. Navigate the video you want to sahre and touch the "Share" icon. The share options lists "YouTube", "Bluetooth" and "Gmail". Choose the YouTube.

Does Motorola XOOM support external USB devices

Can I use my external USB device with the Motorola XOOM?

Now the Motorola XOOM only support external USB keyboard. Other USB devices will be supported after a future software upgrade. Just waiting.

How to Switch Xoom cameras

The Xoom tablet has two cameras: a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video chat and a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera for video and photos.

1. To Switch Xoom cameras, touch Apps from th home screen.
2. Touch "Camera" and then touch the Video icon.
3. Touch the "Camera Rotation" icon for switching your cameras.

How to print from Motorola Xoom directly

Can I print directly from my Motorola XOOM?

The Motorola Xoom tablet currently doesn't have the ability to print with the standard Android software.

The 3rd party Android Applications like "Printer share mobile" in the Android Market enable you to print from your Motorola XOOM.

How to set email alert on Xoom

Can I set the Xoom tablet to alert me when I get new mail? Does anyone know how to make the alert louder when receiving email on the Xoom?

How To set an email alert on your Xoom tablet
1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Email > Menu > Account settings.
2. Under the Notification settings, touch "Email Notifications" for turning the alert on.
3. Scroll to and touch "Select ringtone" and select your preferred ringtone.

Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Sync Xoom with Outlook via Google

Microsoft Outlook controls the emails, contacts, appointments, tasks and memos, but the missing Xoom Sync with Outlook disappoints them. Because they can't directly sync Outlook with their Xoom Android tablets. There are a method that allow you to achieve a Xoom sync with Outlook.

How to Sync Xoom with Outlook via Google
1. On your computer, launch Microsoft Outlook and select File > Options > Advanced > Export > Export to a file > Next.
2. Choose "Comma Separated Values" (CVS) as the file format type, Identify the contact folder and then click Next > Finish. And then copy the CSV file to your Xoom.
3. On your Xoom tablet, log into the Google account and select Gmail > Conacts and import the CSV file to transfer contacts. You can use the same procedure to sync calendar, notes.

How to delete Videos on Motorola Xoom tablet

The Motorola Xoom tablet is a cool Android Based Tablet. Here is the tutorial how to delete video on Motorola Xoom step by step.

1. Go to the Gallary and select the Camera Folder.
2. Check the video you wish to delete.
3. Touch the particular video and hold it until check boxes appear on video, then touch "Delete".

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to add picture to Contact on Xoom tablet

How to associate a picture with a contact on Xoom

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Contacts.
2. Navigate to and choose the contact you want to edit.
3. Touch the "Edit" icon.
4. Touch the "Picture" icon and select "Select photo from Gallery."
5. Select the picture you want to associate with your contact by touching it.
6. Crop the picture as desired and touch OK > Done.

Change the notification sound on Xoom - Tutorial

Xoom tablets have more than one tone for notifications, ringtone, and so on. Here is how to set a unique tone for notifications.

Change the notification ringtone on Xoom - Tutorial
1. From the Home Screen, touch Apps > Settings > Sound > Notification ringtone.
2. You will see a list of default sounds for notifying you of events.
3. Pick your desired ringtone by tapping on it and then tap OK.

How to add applications to Home screen on Xoom

You can customize your Home Screen to suit your lifestyle.

Adding application icons and other shortcuts to your Home screen on Xoom tablet

1. Slide your finger across the screen to access to the Home Screen you want to edit.
2. Touch the "+" icon and touch "App shortcuts".
3. Choose the apps you want to add by tapping it.

How to change Xoom wallpaper

Changing the background of your Xoom is pretty easy. You can even grab pictures from the Web to use as wallpapers with a simple push of the touchscreen.

How To change the wallpaper on Xoom
1. From the home screen, touch the "+" icon.
2. Touch Wallpapers > Wallpaper, and select your preferred wallpaper.

How to pair with bluetooth headset with Xoom

Learn how to pair your Bluetooth enabled headset with Xoom so that you can link the Xoom to a headset.

1. Make sure your device has enabled Bluetooth.
2. From the home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Bluetooth settings.
3.Tap "Find nearby devices" and select the headset you want to pair to. After pairing, tap the device again to connect.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Xoom Android tablet

The Bluetooth wireless capability gives your Xoom Android tablet tremendous power.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Xoom Android tablet
1. On your Xoom's Home screen, touch Apps > Settings > Wireless & networks.
2. Under the settings, touch "Bluetooth" to turn Blutooth on.
3. You can touch it again for turning Bluetooth off.

How to add new Email Account on Xoom

How to add a new Email account on Motorola Xoom
1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Email.
2. In the Email address field, enter your email address.
3. In the password field, enter your email password. Then touch "Next".
4. On your account options, check the following options what you needs and touch Next.

* Send email from this account by default
* Notify me when email arrives
* Sync email from this account
* Automatically download attachments when connected to WiFi

5. On the "Your Name" field, enter a name for the email account and touch Next.

How to set screen timeout on Xoom

While the Motorola Xoom itself is quite nice, the screen keep turning off after just a few seconds of idle time. That is annoying.

How to change the screen time-out on Xoom Android tablet
1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Setting > Screen > Timeout.
2. The screen timeout duration includes 15/30 senconds and 1/2/5/10/30 minutes. Tap the timeout value you wish to use.

The screen timeout can be set to higher duration to help maximize battery life.

How to Find WiFi MAC Address on Motorola Xoom

Sometimes you need to find out the WiFi MAC Address of your Motorola XOOM tablet.

How to Find WiFi Mac Address on Motorola Xoom
1. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on the device.
2. On the upper right of the home screen, touch Apps.
3. Touch Settings > About tablet > Status, then you can see the Wi-Fi MAC address in a popup screen.

How to Add clock alarm on Xoom

The Xoom has a built-in Clock app which will set off an alarm at a given time.

To add an alarm on your Xoom, touch Apps > Clock > Set, and enter your alarm details.

When an alarm sounds, touch to Dismiss to turn it off or Snooze to delay for ten minutes.

How to view Word/Excel/PDF documents on Xoom

Users always need to view Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF and text files on Xoom tablet.

To view these documents on Xoom, you can install the a mobile office application called Quick Office. This app ships with the Motorola XOOM and allows you to view .doc (Word), .xls (Excel), .ppt (Powerpoint), .pdf (Adobe PDF) and .txt (text files).

But you can't edit thses documents with Quick Office. The "Edit" capability will be availalble at a future date as a Android Market download.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Backup Xoom on Mac

Xoom tablet stores your applications, pictures, videos, music and etc. Sometimes device could be lost, so you need to Backup Xoom datas.

How to Backup Motorola XOOM on Mac

1. Make sure your Mac has installed the Mac File Transfer tool from the Android site.
2. Create a new "Xoom Backup" folder on your Mac desktop.
3. Connect your Xoom to the Mac using the USB cable, then the Mac File Transfer will pop up.
4. In the "Mac File Transfer" box, highlight the folders, and drag & drop them into the "Xoom Backup" folder.
5. Once finished, remove your device and disconnect the USB cable.

How to Backup Xoom datas on Windows computer

Before updating Motorola Xoom to the last version, you'd better backup all xoom datas, including your apps, videos, pictures, music, documents and more. If Xoom is damaged during upgrade, you will lose data not transferred.

How to Backup Xoom on Windows computer
1. Connect your Xoom tablet to a computer with the micro USB data cable.
2. Double click “My Computer” and you can see Motorola Xoom device under Device Storage.
3. Right-click your Xoom device and select "Copy".
4. Create a folder “Xoom Backup” on your computer and paste the datas there.
5. When you are done, safely remove the device and disconnect the USB cable.

Reading Books on Xoom Android Tablet

From my experience, a Xoom Android tablet is really good as an eBook reader. Xoom is very light-weight, easy to carry, and is about the size of a pocket-size book. You can read eBooks and PDFs with no problem.

1. On your Xoom's home screen, touch Apps > Books. And touch "Shop" to browse and select books.
2. Touch a book to view more information about it. You can touch "Try" to download a free sample, or touch "Buy" to purchase the book to your library.
3. In your library, you can flick left and right to see more books. Touch a book to open and start reading. While reading the book, turn the pages by flicking them.

Xoom keeps crashing & freezing - How To Fix

Nothing is worse than having an android app that crashes on you every time you launch it. It can be more frustrating when Xoom keeps freezing.

A simple restart can really solve some of your Xoom issues. If the Xoom becomes unresponsive, you can try a forced reboot.

Press and hold both Power/Lock and the up-volume key for 5 seconds.

How to set GPS satellites location in Xoom

It is less accurate that you set Xoom tablet to determine your location using the mobile network. Your Xoom device may use Global Positioning System (GPS) signals for location-based apps. That is highly accurate, but uses battery power.

To set your location using GPS satellites, touch Apps > Setting > Location & security > Use GPS satellites.

Create photo albums on Xoom

The Motorola Xoom tablet is equipped with cameras for taking photos. How to create photo albums on the Xoom device? So you can easily organize and retrieve photos. Do users have to create these photo folder on their laptop/desktop first?

Xoom create photo albums automatically by time, location and tags. But you can not create any other types of albums.

How to Zoom in/out the Xoom

Motorola Xoom tablet have the ability to zoom or magnify the screen to make it easier to read. This is a handy accessibility feature. It's quite easy to zoom in on anything you may be looking at on the Xoom device.

How to Zoom in/out the Xoom
To zoom in, touch the screen with two fingers and then slide them apart. To zoom out, drag your fingers together.

How to put Xoom in Airplane mode

Motorola Xoom tablet has an airplane mode that will automatically disable all the wireless features of the device to avoid interfering with aircraft operation and other electrical equipment.

Airplane mode is useful when flying. To turn this feature on, touch Apps > Settings > Wireless & networks > Airplane mode.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections will be deactived.

Xoom only works with the shipped USB cable

It is strange that the Xoom only works with the shipped USB cable. I can't use the cable that came with the EVO with the Xoom.

The USB Cable that came in the box might be the build quality. Other "cheaper" cables may or may not work with the Xoom. My firend has a retractable cable from ReTrak and it works fine on his Xoom.

How to upload videos to YouTube from Xoom

With a large screen, the Motorola Xoom is perfect for watching videos.

This step-by-step guide shows you how to use YouTube app to upload videos on your Xoom.

1. In the upper right corner of the screen, touch Apps > YouTube.
2. Log into your YouTube account and choose Your channel.
3. Touch upload and select the video you want to upload from your video gallery.
4. Add a video informations, such as title, description, and tags.
5. Tap upload for starting to upload.

How to copy music to Xoom from Windows

How to copy/add audio files (mp3, ogg, wma, etc) from your Windows PC to your Xoom tablet

1. To add music to your Xoom, you need to plug it into your PC using a USB cable first.
2. After Windows recognizes the new drive, double-click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop.
3. The new drive disk lists there. Double click it.
4. Now You are viewing the contents of your Xoom device. Navigate to device > Device Storage > DCIM > Camera.
5. Select the musics you want to copy to your Xoom device and paste the files into the Music folder.
6. Once you have finished adding files to your Xoom, remove the device and disconnect the USB cable.

How to update Xoom firmware to the latest version

The Motorola Xoom is running on the Android firmware 3.0. If you want to update your Motorola Xoom tablet's firmware, here is how to do.

1. Touch Apps > Settings > About tablet > System updates.
2. If there is a new available firmware, click to download the installation.
3. Xoom may ask if you want to proceed, select "install". Xoom will automatically install the update.

Make sure NOT press any button when the Xoom tablet is uploading.