Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Backup Xoom datas on Windows computer

Before updating Motorola Xoom to the last version, you'd better backup all xoom datas, including your apps, videos, pictures, music, documents and more. If Xoom is damaged during upgrade, you will lose data not transferred.

How to Backup Xoom on Windows computer
1. Connect your Xoom tablet to a computer with the micro USB data cable.
2. Double click “My Computer” and you can see Motorola Xoom device under Device Storage.
3. Right-click your Xoom device and select "Copy".
4. Create a folder “Xoom Backup” on your computer and paste the datas there.
5. When you are done, safely remove the device and disconnect the USB cable.


  1. Thanks for your blog :-)

  2. What the fuck is this tutorial?

  3. I wish I knew this..... I lost a lot of pics and videos and my tablet still isn't acting right. ICS is not making me happy right now!