Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to update Xoom firmware to the latest version

The Motorola Xoom is running on the Android firmware 3.0. If you want to update your Motorola Xoom tablet's firmware, here is how to do.

1. Touch Apps > Settings > About tablet > System updates.
2. If there is a new available firmware, click to download the installation.
3. Xoom may ask if you want to proceed, select "install". Xoom will automatically install the update.

Make sure NOT press any button when the Xoom tablet is uploading.


  1. Xoom is shit preformance. its dead. made in China lots of problems. apps crashing. force shutdown errors No support. be watred its waste of money. Its made In China the black market

  2. be warned Xoom is a dead system it dose not work adn there is no service. NO TECH SUPPORT. Do not buy it

  3. it gets worse. the update did not fix the problems its a waste of time and money

  4. Oh for gods sake, return it under warranty if you're so unhappy. Grow up!

  5. You are an idiot? How could u possible to post comments n every 20 minutes f its always colapsing

  6. Where is "apps?" Looked everywhere. No I'm NOT an idiot so don't go there. Thx