Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to copy music to Xoom from Windows

How to copy/add audio files (mp3, ogg, wma, etc) from your Windows PC to your Xoom tablet

1. To add music to your Xoom, you need to plug it into your PC using a USB cable first.
2. After Windows recognizes the new drive, double-click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop.
3. The new drive disk lists there. Double click it.
4. Now You are viewing the contents of your Xoom device. Navigate to device > Device Storage > DCIM > Camera.
5. Select the musics you want to copy to your Xoom device and paste the files into the Music folder.
6. Once you have finished adding files to your Xoom, remove the device and disconnect the USB cable.


  1. Question...why would you look for the "camera" file to add music..? There's a music folder for that!

  2. I followed the instruction exactly as you outlined but yet none of the music I uploaded shows up in my music app or on my SD card. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

  3. step 4 is incorrect

  4. I am having the same problem as Terry Pep. no music files appear on xoom library although my laptop confirms syncronysing has been successful. i have already downloaded PowerAMP to convert media files.

    please can any good samaritan help me here.

    many thanks

  5. how does the xoom link the album cover and the music from it? I can upload and get music to play, I just not sure how to upload several albums.

  6. OK - to upload your music... can drag and drip from Windows Explorer. However, very important... If you want each of your albums to have its own artwork, they must be in seperate subfolders. I have done this and it working beautifully!

  7. When Uploading - only upload one subfolder at a time - I had a some of the songs "blip" when I was doing several at a time.

  8. what a basic and stupid answer. We all know how to drag from folder to folder. We are just asking technically why the xoom is not accepting the mp3 files

  9. I had to convert my Windows Media Files to MP3. I had to download the latest verison of ITunes. The Zoom pad doesn't see Windows Media files. The ITunes software has a file convert in it. It's a bit arkward but it works well. The files open in a Windows Explorer window then I just copied and pasted then into the Zoom music folder.