Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to view Word/Excel/PDF documents on Xoom

Users always need to view Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF and text files on Xoom tablet.

To view these documents on Xoom, you can install the a mobile office application called Quick Office. This app ships with the Motorola XOOM and allows you to view .doc (Word), .xls (Excel), .ppt (Powerpoint), .pdf (Adobe PDF) and .txt (text files).

But you can't edit thses documents with Quick Office. The "Edit" capability will be availalble at a future date as a Android Market download.


  1. Any idea how far down the road before the "Edit" capability will be available as an Android Market download?

  2. Short sighted on Motorola's part. Why can I do 10 times more on my Droid phone than I can on this #$%&*! thing.

  3. Aw, man. That's why I wanted to purchase it, so I can use Word, Excel, and PPT. :o(