Monday, April 4, 2011

XOOM tethering with Computer using USB cable

When you access internet on your XOOM Tablet, you can share Xoom internet connection with your computer using USB cable. The XOOM USB tethering is working on Windows 7, Vista and Linux.

1. Use USB cable to connect your XOOM tablet with computer
2. On your Xoom's Home Screen, touch Apps > Settings > Wireless & networks.
3. Under its setting, touch "Tethering & portable hotspots" and enable "USB tethering".


  1. Thanks very helpful

  2. Can u do it the other way round? Accessing internet via your PC connection?

  3. When I tried this with my computer, there was no option to select tethering and portable hotspots or enable USB tethering. is it just not there because I am running Windows XP on my computer and honeycomb on my xoom tablet?

  4. I am very interested to learn how to connect my xoom to the internet via my pc

  5. This did not workfor me. Only have option to make my xoom a wireless hotspot or connect viabluetooth... nothing for usb tethering