Friday, April 1, 2011

How to install .apk file on Xoom

APK applications are basically Android package applications. If you want to install an app manually from an apk file, this tutorial will show you how to install/execute APK file on Motorola Xoom.

1. Download a file manager app called Astro File Manager and theninstall it.
2. Open Astro and find the app in your memory and select it. It will take you to a screen in the settings to check "Unknown Sources".
3. Do that and go back to the app and you will be able to install .apk file.


  1. Hi ,

    I downloaded the Astro File Manager.
    And was able to locate my .APK file.
    But it says "there is a problem parsing the package"
    What could be the issue.
    I transported this .APK file between my two Laptops , windows and Mac.
    There it worked.
    But when i deployed into Xoom Tablet, i get this issue.