Saturday, August 27, 2011

Android honeycomb media player - Hive Player

Hive Player is a Android music player optimized for Xoom tablet. With Hive Player, you can scrollable widget with music collection navigation, multi-Select playlist additions, filter duplicates, Search with playlist additions, notification controls with album artwork and etc.

The app is much better than the stock music player. The powerful home screen widget is the coolest feature. The widget works but only allows browsing to albums and artists on Xoom, but it doesn't support Google music.

Download Hive Player ($1.99) from Market.

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  1. I'm the developer, thanks for posting an article on Hive Player. Only the lite version has the widget restrictions and a few others. The paid version has no restrictions and the widget lets you browse all your music, albums, artists, all songs, playlists and genres. Thanks for looking!